Know The Differences Between Leather And Imitation Leather.


On this occasion, we want to make a comparison between leather and synthetic leather, which may be similar, visually but very different in many other aspects. When purchasing a leather garment, always verify that it is genuine leather and not imitation leather. Also known as imitation leather, eco-leather or nova-leather, leatherette is a synthetic fabric that is widely used today with very different properties from natural leather.

Discover in this article what types of imitation leather exist and learn to differentiate them according to their smell, if they are rigid to the touch, the flexibility they offer and the texture of the artificial prints. This will make it much easier for you to differentiate whether a garment is leather or imitation leather.
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Let’s go to the mess!

What Is Imitation Leather (Synthetic Leather) And Where Is It Obtained?

Faux leather or synthetic leather is a fabric that imitates leather and is used in different areas such as home decoration, upholstery, bag making, footwear, and clothing. It is an economical material, with different types of texture, colors, and reliefs similar to the finishes of the original skins. And their are many brands like boneshia fashion who are selling these jackets.

Leatherette is obtained from the combination of polymers such as PVC, polyester, and polyurethane, which are mixed with other chemicals in a pressure chamber.
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Once the compounds have been introduced, the temperature of the chamber increases progressively, until the entire content is reduced to a powder that is later bathed in water and passed through a filter. As the mixture passes through the sieve, strands or filaments are formed, which are then stretched like threads and cut into different sizes. The best quality threads are chosen and the dye is applied to give them a more natural finish.

Once the strands are cut and dyed, they are coated so that the material acquires strength and resistance. To do this, the fibers have adhered to templates made of cotton or wool sheets, which withstand the passage of wire brushes that drag the loose fibers until the piece is perfect. With special scissors, the piece is shaped, creating edges and lengths that imitate natural leather.

Types of leatherette.

Just as there is a variety of leathers, you can also find different types of boneshia’s imitation leather jackets that, depending on their composition, have various uses, especially in the manufacture of furniture, upholstery, decoration, clothing, bags and accessories. Among the best known are:

Solar Leatherette.

It is one of the best-selling types of leatherette as it comes in an extensive assortment of colors. The solar is composed of 80% PVC, 18% Polyester and 2% Polyurethane, creating a non-woven base (non-woven or net-shaped fabric) that makes it very resistant. If what you are looking for in an upholstery leatherette, solar is one of the favorites for upholstering sofas and armchairs due to its decorative potential and the value for money it offers.

Polipiel Sugar.

The sugar or sugan leatherette fabric also has a resistant non-woven base with a PVC coating, generating a completely smooth surface, soft and delicate to the touch, but with sufficient resistance to wear. They come in a wide variety of colors and are used to decorate bedrooms, dining rooms, interior spaces of restaurants, offices, and in the manufacture of poufs.

Beckham Leatherette.

Made of 100% polyester that gives it maximum flexibility, Beckham leatherette also offers resistance to abrasion. It is characterized by its smooth texture and soft to the touch, ideal for car interior upholstery, headboards, cushions, chairs, crafts, and any other type of surface.

Ellis Leatherette.

This type of material is the closest to natural leather and has a textile base resistant to wear and tear. It is available in different colors and as it is one of the highest performance leatherettes on the market, it is used for upholstering all kinds of furniture, car interiors, as well as for crafts, and for covering all kinds of surfaces.

Nautical Leatherette

Nautical leatherette is ideal for the outdoors, as it is super resistant to inclement weather and extreme temperatures, in snowy or beach environments. The 100% polyester reinforced PVC coating provides an almost indestructible finish, sufficiently rigid and at the same time flexible, providing high resistance and softness to the touch. It is easy to clean and due to its high performance, it is used in the upholstery of garden furniture, benches, mats, convertible cars, and motorcycle and boat seats.

In the market you will also find articles made in metallic imitation leather; faux leather imitation of exotic animal skins such as ostrich, buffalo, snake, crocodile and elephant; shiny and wrought leatherette , which are used both in the fashion industry for making clothes, shoes, bags and elastic leatherette used in the design of tops, leggings and other types of garments.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Leather And Imitation Leather

Looking at the advantages and disadvantages that each material has, the differences between leather and faux leather become more apparent.

Advantages Skin

The skin or leather is a material of natural origin, versatile, and of first quality. It is porous and breathable, so it prevents the proliferation of bacteria and fungi, reducing the possibility of causing irritation and bad odor. As it is a breathable material, it can be used in both summer and winter. It is an extremely flexible, moldable, and soft-to-the-touch material, which is why it is used in the manufacture of garments, accessories, and furniture. It is resistant to splashes of water and can be waterproofed. Leather or natural leather is a durable and resistant material. It can be changed in color if desired. As it is a warm material, it maintains body temperature during the winter. It only requires basic maintenance. Disadvantages skin Natural leather is more expensive than synthetic. Leather requires more care than imitation leather.


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