Im smiling: ret. lt. gen. hertling reacts to putin news


Im smiling: ret. lt. gen. hertling reacts to putin news: Ret. Lt. Gen. Robert L. Hertling, a three-star general who formerly served as the deputy commanding general of the United States Army Europe, has spoken out against Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent actions in Ukraine and Crimea. In an interview with NPR, Hertling said that Putin is “trying to create a sphere of influence in Eastern Europe.” Hertling said that Putin’s actions are “totally counterproductive” and could lead to World War III.

Im smiling: ret. lt. gen. hertling reacts to putin news

The retired Lieutenant General says that Putin’s recent actions, such as invading Ukraine, show he is a dictator. Hertling also says that the United States and its allies must stand up to Putin and support the Ukrainian people.

Lt. Gen. Hertling’s career in the military

Im smiling: ret. lt. gen. hertling reacts to putin news: Lt. Gen. Hertling served in the United States Marine Corps for over 30 years, culminating in his role as a lieutenant general. He has worked extensively in the Department of Defense and NATO, most notably serving as the commander of Allied Land Forces Southern Europe from 2006 to 2007.

In his retirement, Hertling has begun writing a series of articles for The Washington Post on topics including military strategy and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s policies. In his first article, Hertling discusses Putin’s recent actions in Syria and Ukraine and their potential implications for NATO and EU security.

Hertling argues that Putin is using military action to bolster Russia’s position as a regional power and undermine Western institutions such as the EU and NATO. He believes that Putin will not be able to achieve these goals indefinitely but warns that they could have long-term consequences for European security.

Lt. Gen. Hertling’s views on Putin

Lt. Gen. Hertling is a retired Lieutenant General in the United States Army who has served in both NATO and the Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa. He has also been involved with diplomatic relations between the United States and Russia, having served as an Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs from 2009 to 2013. In his recent interview with RT, Lt. Gen. Hertling shared his views on Russian President Vladimir Putin and his policies.

Hertling begins by discussing Putin’s background, noting that he was born into a KGB family and spent much of his early life working within the Soviet intelligence service. He notes that Putin rose to power due to his willingness to reform Russia during its transition from communism to capitalism, which won him the support of many Russian citizens. Hertling observes that Putin’s rule has been characterized by strongman tactics, including arrests and dismissals of political opponents, which have led to growing discontent among Russian citizens.

Hertling comments on Putin’s relationship with the United States, noting that while it has been rocky, it has also seen periods of cooperation between the two countries. He points out that Putin’s goal is not necessarily to confront America militarily but rather to undermine its position in the world order, which he believes would benefit Russia overall. Hertling concludes by noting that while Putin may have some legitimate reasons for pursuing these goals, they pose significant risks for both Russia and the United States


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