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I Tip Extensions


I tip extensions are a type of hair extension made using flattened micro beads, or cylindrical to connect to natural hair. The hair extension I Tip, which is also referred to as microbeads, is hair extensions that is attached to parts of your hair with microbeads. They are tiny silicone beads.

Small groups of hair strands are joined to the microbeads. Hairy beads are put into your hair and then the stylist attaches your hair to the beads using a specific plier. I tip extensions are a natural way of applying them. Some hair extensions require complex machinery, heat or glue, however this one doesn’t. The extensions also have appear natural and makes them appear exactly like your own hair. I-tip extensions have less of a failure rate than other extensions as it does not require heat to set and is less likely to damage your hair. While they’re frequently mistaken for micro-links, these are definitely not exactly the same thing. I tip extensions are distinct because they’re distinct hair sections that use the cylinder element that connect to a person’s hair naturally. Microlinks are, however are constructed using an air-floated track.


Can I tip hair extensions cause hair damage?

I tip extensions aren’t that far behind clip-in extensions in terms of being the least harmful hair extensions available. The hair extensions I Tip need no glue, heat or chemical to attach to your hair; all you require is the plier as well as bags of synthetic or natural hair that is attached to microbeads. To ensure that your hair extensions last as long as is possible it is essential to take regular maintenance to ensure that the beads don’t push too much on your hair’s natural structure that could cause damage or the appearance of.

What’s the duration of extensions I tip?

Hair extensions last an extended time with the right maintenance and care, however I’m convinced I tip extensions last longer. I tip extensions last longer. The hair extensions you get from I tip will last as long as six months of hair when you take care to maintain it. However, they do require some maintenance and you’ll have to go to the salon at least once every two months. Although I tip extensions must be maintained on a frequent basis, the process is straightforward. The hairdresser will tighten the microbeads that slide off throughout the maintenance process in order to keep hair falling out during the middle of an event.

In summary, if you regularly schedule maintenance every between six and eight weeks to keep the microbeads’ position they can last as long as six to a month. In the course of six months it is possible to require replacing the beads as regular washing and drying can weaken them, and they’re not sturdy enough to hold the hair in the right place. The hair on microbeads, however, on contrary, lasts much longer, and some last longer than a year when properly cared for.

How do I apply extensions to tip?

I tip extensions are easy to use, however they must be handled by a trained professional. While it is possible to apply it yourself, flawless application requires a bird’s-eye view of your head which mirrors can’t offer. You can repair it yourself if you’re insistent on making the necessary adjustments. But, you’ll require specialized devices to unloosen and then tighten the microbeads following they’ve been put in the correct place. An entire I tip kit could be bought for as low as $15. It’s really just an assortment of tiny tools that don’t have motorized equipment. Prior to attempting to fix your I tip extensions yourself, you should read the YouTube instructions and then practice on a doll, or any other. Even if the likelihood of anything going wrong are not that high an insurance policy is never an ideal idea.

What is it that makes my tip extensions so useful?

I tip extensions can be a great option since they give you the ability to access your scalp easily. It’s important to remember the fact that they are glue-free, thread-free, as well as heat-free extensions. They’re simple to put in and take just three hours for 100 pieces or as much as eight hours for the entire head. If you decide you’re not interested in them anymore? The hairdresser will remove them within two hours.

I tip extensions are a great choice because they permit you to reach easily your scalp. Contrary to sew-in weaves where the bulk of your natural hair is braided in front of the extensions, the majority of your hair’s natural locks is left exposed. This means you will spend less time in the salon. Sew-ins can take anywhere from between three and six hours to finish I-tip installations take about an hour and a half. The natural hair can move around freely as well as “breathe” with no confines of knots. As I tip extensions can be pulled in a natural easy ponytail or topknot, it allows for more movement. They’re also color and heat resistant, which means you can wear them as you would hair. They can be washed and dried with a blow-dryer or curled and straightened.

Can I make use of them multiple times?

I tip extensions installation can last for between two and three months if taken care of properly. Many women will re-use extensions many times before replacing the extensions. Hair is, however isn’t as durable and only lasts only a handful of times. The keratin is weakened with each wash when the time goes by.”

The individual extensions can only be used again via I-Tip. This is an advantage over the alternative technique of strand-by-strand that requires one glue-in process (fusion extensions).

The pros and cons

You might be asking, “How excellent are I tip extensions?” If you’ve tried other kinds of extensions for hair. Although they’re not perfect, they’re effective. Otherwise nobody would pay the money stylists demand to fix the extensions. The advantages and cons of using me hair extensions tips are explained in the following paragraphs:

Advantages of the I Tip extensions

I tip is among the most efficient hair extension methods. Here are some reasons why you should think about microbeads when buying I tip extensions next time.

  • Longevity

The hair installation can last for between six and eight months with the right maintenance and proper care. The hair can last for longer than one year. This means that one hair bundle could be used in two different configurations. The keratin I tip extensions are joined with however will degrade in time as it becomes soft with every wash.

Wrapping or pin-curling your hair regularly and cleaning your extensions each two to three weeks is necessary for home care. We suggest visiting the salon every 4 to 6 weeks to have your hair cylinders opened, and any loose or dead hair taken out. The stylist will slide the cylinder back in place and place it on new growth after the debris has been cleared.

  • They’re thin and light

Hair extensions with a lot of weight should be avoided if have hair that is thin, as they can cause hair’s strands to break. Hair extensions aren’t among the kinds I suggest avoiding. Since I tip extensions consist of small pieces of hair they shouldn’t place too much stress to your hair. You are able to safely choose I-tips if been trying to avoid hair extensions due to extremely fine hair that is more susceptible to be damaged.

  • Not Persistent

I tip extensions like other hair extensions are not reliant on glue or heat or chemicals. That’s right, your hair will be unaffected, and the extension will only improve the appearance of it. It is unlikely to notice any change in the appearance of your hair after putting in the extension, unless you apply any other treatments for your hair that could cause harm to the hair.

  • Undetectable

If they weren’t searching at it for a while, microbeads that are used to install I tip extensions are invisible that nobody else will notice until they inform them. The beads are not only small, they are also available in a wide range of shades. If you’re a person with colored hair, you can pick a shade that is similar to your hair color so that it is difficult for people outside to notice.

The cons of I extension tips

Here are some reasons to explore other options than my tips for the hair-extension process.

  • Complex Care

You’ll have to learn how to brush your hair after you’ve put in the I tip extensions. They’re still there, regardless of regardless of how subtle they look. Doing your hair with care isn’t acceptable any longer because you could end up removing the hair extensions that have I-tips.

It is also necessary to go to the salon regularly to get the extensions adjusted to your hair’s growth. While keeping your I tip extensions in your home could be fun, ruining your hair is usually not.

  • Costly

I-tip extensions can be expensive in comparison to other semi-permanent extensions solutions. The price of applying hair extensions could exceed $1,000 and the monthly maintenance can be a burden.

Helping I Tip Extensions

To maintain your hair in a way that’s adapted to your hair type and I tip extensions for you, you must always consult a stylist however, the most fundamental maintenance routines must include the following essential suggestions:

  • Conditioners, shampoos and soaps which are free of sulfate can help make your I tip extensions keep their shape for longer.
  • Ponytails, loose buns and hair-dos are best untidy and loosely sported.
  • If you’re not able to go on without curly or straightening your hair, you should use a heat-protectant.
  • When you are using the correct extension brush, apply the bottom-up method of brushing.
  • If at-home hairstyles are not an option, be sure you schedule your appointments prior to time so that you can maintain an effective hair-care regimen.


Before you can put on your hair extensions on, you’ll need to make a variety of choices. You’ll decide if you want to use synthetic or human hair as well as whether you’ll be doing the installation yourself. The way you install it is, however is the most important choice you’ll need to make. The method of installation is typically the most costly element of the project and you shouldn’t be in the wrong place. If you’re thinking of buying I tip extensions here’s an informative guide. It will cover everything you should be aware of regarding hair extensions, from the best ways to use them as well as what they cost.

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