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How Virtualization Technology Works In Football Broadcasts


In March 2020 the world came to a standstill and how could it be otherwise, sport came to an abrupt halt along with it, competitions were canceled and football disappeared from our televisions for months.

After confinement, the return to the so-called “new normality” also meant the announcement of the return of sports competitions, LaLiga 2020-2021 would resume in June, but the stands of the stadiums were going to remain empty, the world of sports broadcasts I had to adjust to this new reality. Anticipating this scenario,  LaLiga ,  together with MEDIAPRO , spent two months, between April and June, developing the technology that would help improve their broadcasts of matches on television so that Movistar Plus+ customers could enjoy an experience as close to the one they had prior to the pandemic.

How the virtual audio that is broadcast during the games in the 2020-2021 seasons works

If you have had the chance to watch a LaLiga match recently, you will have noticed that the “ambient sound” of the stadium that reaches your house is surprisingly real despite the absence of the public, and you will surely have wondered how these noises are “produced” that accompany the game to be so “realistic”. Well, those sounds you hear during the 해외스포츠중계 (shouts, chants, applause…) were originally recorded by the League in their stadiums to use in EA Sports football video games such as the FIFA saga, and thus return to the world of football “physical” under the name EA Sports Atmospheric Audio.

Each LaLiga Santander club has its own audios with their typical chants and songs, recorded in the stadiums when there was an audience, to which additional audio tracks must be added to improve the key moments of all the matches, such as a goal, a great chance or fault. In each game, LaLiga puts a sound operator with DJ functions: choose the best pre-recorded sounds and arrange them with agility and precision for each game launch (a goal, a penalty, a foul, a good dribble, a card or expulsion, etc…). It also tries to capture the sensations of the real fans in each phase of the match, as the result evolves. What happens in the field is not silenced or what is heard by public address, it is simply mixed , thereby making the viewer feel something as similar as possible to the experience of watching a game with an audience as it happened before the pandemic.

Of course, on the field of play the players do not hear this virtualized noise, but what they hear is what our viewers can enjoy in the original signal audio, in audio 1 of the broadcast.


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