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How To Sell & Buy E Gold Online?


Even a small amount of extra return on your investment canGold have a significant impact on your savings in the long run. The added returns today, can help you accumulate enough savings for your future and also help you beat inflation. Gold, be it in the form of jewellery, coins, or bars, has been a favourite among Indians to procure and keep as savings. With changing lifestyles and fashion trends, people have now started shifting towards e-, in place of buying physical . 

What is E-Gold?

Digital gold or e-gold is a trending investment instrument under which you can buy physical gold on an online platform. You can buy e-gold online and keep it in your digital wallet. You can comfortably buy e-and sell it with equal convenience and get the physical delivery of your whenever you want. Furthermore, you need not spend a huge amount of money in one go, to buy e-, unlike physical , and can start with investing in small amounts, as per your budget. 

How to Buy and Sell E-Online?

To buy or sell physical , you need to visit a reliable goldsmith or a jewellery store and get the physical product examined for its purity. This process is taken care of while buying or selling e-. Simply visit the online portal of a reliable brand such as, and sell or buy e-gold online without having to sweat over its purity, price, or safety. Let us see how you can buy and sell e-online:

Buy e-online: To buy e-online, use the following easy steps-

  • Log on to the online portal of a reputed financial institution dealing in e-gold. Make an account on their website, following the simple steps given. 
  • Enter the grams of gold you want to purchase. It will automatically prompt the exact amount of money to be paid for the given quantity of gold. Alternatively, you can also enter the amount of money for which you want to buy the gold. The quantity of gold you can purchase for the given amount will prompt on your screen in this case.
  • Finally, select your preferred mode of payment and make the payment to buy the gold.

Sell e-online: To sell e-online, use the following easy steps-

  • Log on to your online account with the company. 
  • Enter the quantity of gold or the amount of money for which you want to sell. 
  • Click on the sell option and choose the account to which you want the funds added. With this easy step, your sell deal is complete. 

Buying and Selling with eSwarna

eSwarna, by Muthoot EXIM Pvt. Ltd., is a reliable, reputed, and established name in the world of digital . You can buy and sell e-easily and quickly, at real-time market prices, using the online portal of eSwarna, following just a few basic steps. Whatever you purchase online with eSwarns, is kept safely in vaults. Anytime you need it, your is physically delivered to you conveniently. To buy or sell e-online, click here.


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