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How to Read the Air Quality Index (AQI)


The EPA assigns a specific color to each Air Quality Index AQI category: “good” means air quality is good, “moderate” means it’s acceptable, and “unhealthy” means it’s unhealthy for sensitive groups. A satisfactory index is 0 to 50. Pollutants that are high in ozone, particles, and other compounds are considere unhealthy. People with heart and lung disease and those who smoke are at increased risk of a health problem.

The AQI is an easy-to-understand scale that includes a variety of Air pollutants index, such as sulfur dioxide. The level of ozone, nitrogen oxide, and other pollutants is a common factor that affects the health of human beings. The National Air Pollution Control Administration developed the index in 1968 and has since been applies to MSAs in the U.S. to raise public awareness about air pollution and encourage local officials to control and improve air quality.

The AQI is calculate from real-time monitoring data collected by continuous monitors.

These data are typically available in an hour-by-hour average. For some pollutants, the AQI must be computer from a 24-hour average. However, the multi-hour average should be center on the time at which the AQI is being determine. This is because the future concentrations of these pollutants are unknown. The EPA uses surrogates to estimate the multi-hour average for PM2.5. The methodology use is called Now Cast.

The highest AQI value for each pollutant is called the “highest” air quality index. These indexes are update regularly and are often the first indicator of dangerous levels of air pollution. For more information, visit the American Lung Association or the Myanmar government’s website. Once you’ve learned how to read the AQI, you’ll be ready for any situation that arises. It’s a valuable tool that helps people stay informed about the state of the air quality in their area.

While the AQI is a good indicator of air quality in the United States, it can vary from one country to another.

The air in many cities is still too poor to be considere dangerous. In addition, the AQI is the best measure of the extent of air pollution in a city. In the United States, the AQI is the most important index for determining the level of air pollution. It’s important to stay informed about the AQI, since the data on air quality is the basis for the public’s health.

The AQI is a good indicator of air quality in the United States. For most of the country, air pollution levels are acceptable. But the AQI may cause moderate health concerns for some people. It’s important to limit outdoor activity for children and people with respiratory illnesses. The general public is unlikely to be adversely affect by air pollution. It is important to understand the AQI and what it means for you. The AQI is a good indicator for public health.

The AQI is a good indicator of air quality in a city. It provides information about the health effects of air pollution.

It’s also a good indicator for predicting weather events. You can use it as a guide if you live in an area that experiences extreme weather conditions. It’s a good sign to keep an eye on the AQI to ensure the safety of your family.
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It’s important to know the AQI value of your city and the surrounding area.

The AQI is a useful tool for comparing the air quality in a city. It compares air pollution levels with the same period in the previous year. If the AQI is below the threshold, you should take precautions to prevent the illness. It’s important to pay attention to the index in order to protect your health. This will provide you with an idea of the level of air pollution in your city. If you’re concerned about the AQI in your city, it’s important to contact the appropriate authorities.

AQI is a tool used to compare the air quality of different cities. AQI data is available from continuous monitors. In some cases, these data are not real-time.
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Generally, a good AQI has a range of tens to 30 points, which is the highest. The best AQI for a city is higher than the average for a city. If it’s too high, it’s time to take action.


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