How to Prepare a Leadership Development Plan


Preparing a leadership development plan is not an easy task. The entire process involves comprehensive effort and careful planning at every stage.

Several steps go into developing a leadership development plan. The process begins with an initial self-assessment phase and the data collected from the self-assessments is used to define the vision and goals. The next stage is the stage of the definition of smart objectives, which contribute to the enablement of the objectives and the identification of the competencies that help the realization of these objectives.

Common elements that can be included in a development plan

Competency Development: This is the core focus area of ​​leadership development, involving the identification and development of core competencies that play a starring role in the development of a lead character.

Example Setup and Leadership: This involves outlining those behaviors that a leader wants to follow. It deals with the identification of desirable or successful behaviors.

Extension of Leadership Experience: Deals with the extension of leadership experience by handling challenging assignments, taking appropriate leadership development training, and extensive reading to stay current with best practices in team management and various leadership techniques.

Steps to Take After Preparing a Leadership Development Plan

The implementation stage of a leadership plan involves the following key aspects:

Communicate the Plan – This is about disclosing the development plan to someone who can help you improve or develop your leadership competencies.

Progress Period Monitoring: This stage is primarily concerned with establishing a system that will help monitor performance on a regular basis and implement necessary improvements as needed. To keep motivation levels high, in addition to regular monitoring, rewarding achievements are also crucial as a leader progresses through various stages of the development plan.
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Leadership Development Strategies

Leadership Development Self-Assessment – ​​The leadership development process begins with the hiring of new talent or the onboarding of new employees. New union members can carve out their development plans by indulging in personal assessments and individual development plans. Employee retention and motivation can be achieved by engaging employees in professional development programs, which can also be combined with mentor support and facilitation.

Mentoring and Coaching Support for Leadership Skills Development – ​​By having an efficiently planned mentoring program, the percentage of employee retention can be improved through comprehensive facilitation and support to develop the necessary skills and talents. Mentors provide structured and transparent feedback to mentees on their progress at work, their areas for improvement, and also suggest a corrective action plan to develop their leadership talent.

Technology-Aligned Leadership Development – ​​By implementing an integrated online software solution, the entire leadership development process can be managed efficiently from start to finish. Critical operations from the onboarding stage of an employee, implementation of employee engagement and retention initiatives, mentoring and coaching for performance improvement, planning of succession strategies to fill important leadership positions, can be managed in efficiently through the use of technology.

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