How to merge multiple vCard files into one?


VCF files simplify the process of sharing contacts from one device to another. However, managing multiple VCF files can be a problem, especially if you have a large number of files. Users experience difficulties while searching, sharing, and moving these files to email clients. However, these problems can be solved by combining multiple VCF files.

Why Do You Need to Merge vCard or VCF Files into One?

A vCard or VCF file plays a major role in personal and professional use. But managing too many vCard files becomes a problem for users. So, there are a few situations where users want to merge multiple VCF files into one due to security issues. Some of these are listed below:

  • It is easy to manage contacts locally using the vCard file format.
  • A faster way to exchange contact information compared to using other traditional business cards.
  • Users can open it and view it with a text editor as a notepad.

These are the reasons users want to merge their vCard or VCF files into one.

Methods to merge Multiple vCard files!

A user can merge their vCard files manually or by going through the professional procedure. The manual method is a complex method whereas the professional method provides users various features to easily follow the merging of the vCard files. In this platform, we will learn about both methods of merging.
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Method 1: Manually Join Multiple VCF Files

The problem of having multiple VCF files can be solved by merging them into a single vCard file.

Follow these steps to combine multiple vCard files into one by joining them.

  • Step 1- Introduce and install the Microsoft Outlook tool in your system
  • Step 2- Go to the navigation bar
  • Step 3- Click on People (for Outlook 2013) or Contacts (for Outlook 2007, 2010)
  • Step 4- You can then select the contact you want to merge in vCard format
  • Step 5- Then go to the File tab and click the Save As button
  • Step 6- Specify the folder and location where you want to save the file and set Save as type to vCard files.
  • Step 7- Press the Save button to send all your contacts in vCard format

Users can use this new VCF file for any purpose that includes sharing and importing to email clients.

There are many troubles a user seeks while merging their vCard files manually. These are:

Method 2- Professional method

Merge your Outlook contacts using this advanced Outlook tool to the VCF Merger tool. The app helps every user to easily send VCF files. By using the tool all users are able to safely merge Outlook contacts to a single VCF file. Users are able to merge output contacts to a single VCF file. Proper preview and scanning of files are done to make it easier to send Outlook contacts to a single VCF file.

  • Step 1- Open and launch the tool in your system
  • Step 2- Now, select the Outlook contacts that you want to merge
  • Step 3- After it gets a preview of the selected Outlook contacts
  • Step 4- Then, choose the path to save the merged Outlook contacts
  • Step 5- Finally click on the “merge” button

Here are the features why a user goes for this advanced vCard merger:

  • Merge / Merge a few vCard files into one file with a simple click.
  • Select folders that contain multiple vCard files in the software to combine them at once.
  • Select and Import vCard files into each software through the integration process.
  • Save/save output files after merging the process to the desired location.
  • Also, it gives users the opportunity to merge vCard files in bulk.
  • Merge vCard / VCF files created for all supported applications.
  • Works on all Mac operating system
  • Accuracy is provided to users while exporting Outlook files
  • Any export size of Outlook contacts can also be done as there are no size limits for exporting Outlook Contacts.
  • No chance of error while exporting VCF files
  • It is a compatible tool that the user can use so in any version of Mac the app can be used

These features do help users to get an instant and well-satisfied result every single time.


You can be one of the people who want to merge multiple VCF files. Combining more than one vCard file will help users in many ways. Users can take the help of this post to make the vCard integration process.
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We have described two ways to integrate VCF files. Users can choose the manual method, or they can try the quoted tool to automatically join all VCF files. The program will merge any number of VCF files into one. If users do face any kind of hurdle, they can contact the customer service of the application which is available for the users.

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