How to Import EML Files to Outlook?


EML is a standard file extension for storing email messages. Includes email content and title, sender, recipients, date and time, etc. EML Files to Outlook is very compatible with Windows Live Mail and other well-designed email applications.
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But as technology advances, users are also switching to more flexible platforms like Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook is a popular desktop-based email management program. Allows users to use it as the default email solution for sending/receiving emails. EML Files to Outlook is a highly flexible function that allows users to work even when the internet is down. Outlook uses PST files as a mailbox data repository and protects it from incoming threats.

Users need to import their EML files to Outlook format as it is the most convenient format to keep or store the data. Let us get to the procedure, how you can import EML files to Outlook format?

How to import the EML files to Outlook format?

There are manual as well as other party applications for a user who wants to import the format. Let us learn about both of these methods:

  • Manual importing of the EML files to Outlook
  • Importing through SYSessential EML to PST Importer application

Manual importing of the EML files to Outlook

For manual importing a user have to install the Windows Live Mail and Outlook application and then proceed with the importing method. The procedure includes the following steps;

  • At first, launch the MS Outlook tool and Windows Live Mail applications on your Operating System.
  • Then open your Window Live Mail and then right-click on the “File” tab 
  • Now, from the export option select the Email messages.
  • Choose the Microsoft Exchange as the export option and right-click on the “Next” button.
  • A Pop up will display on your screen that all e-mails will be exported to Microsoft Outlook.
  • Right-click on the “OK” button.
  • From the select folders option, choose either you want to export all email folders or you want to select the particular folder that you want to export.
  • Then, right-Click on the “OK” button.
  • Now, finally right-click on the “Finish” button.

These are the steps to follow in the manual importing of the Windows Live Mail EML files to Outlook. These steps include many cons. These cons include;

  • Not a reliable solution to import the EML files
  • Bulk importing cannot take place
  • Chances of data loss are more
  • Hurdles are faced by the users
  • Data loss can be faced by the users

and many more cons are faced by the users while processing. Importing of the EML files to Outlook format. Let us now look at the reliable method of importing.

Importing using another third-party tool

This is a reliable solution for every user who needs to import their to format. Using the application every user can easily go through the importing task. The steps to import the files to format are provided below;

  • Start the app and select the EML files in Outlook format
  • Preview the files
  • Add the location to save the imported EML files
  • Hit the convert now button

While following these steps a user will be able to carry the importing of the EML files to Outlook PST format. These steps are easy to be followed by any user and thus for the convenience of the users the application provides;

  • It is a compatible tool
  • Can be used by any user
  • Easy to be handled by any user
  • Chances of data loss are not there

And many more advantages are provided by the application.


Users must try this EML to Outlook Importer tool. To know more about the tool, then users can download the free demo version of the tool. This demo version is provided for free for all users. A few of the EML files can be imported using this demo version. 

Try this amazing application now!


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