How to Fix Error 429 Too Many Requests Effectively


Website owners run into various errors from time to time. Some of them are simple to resolve, while others can be more complex. 429 error is one such client-side error that often annoys your website visitors. The error implies that the user has given too many requests at a specific time. People commonly wonder how to fix error 429 too many requests. In this article, you’ll find the causes and resolutions to fix it. 

What Results in a error 429 too many requests?

When the server detects that someone is trying to access a page repeatedly in a short period, it considers it suspicious. As a result, it stimulates a rate-limiting functionality and displays the 429 error. You can understand it better with an example. 

For instance, you are utilizing the API of a particular service. This API is set up to let in only 100 requests in a single minute. If the amount of requests surpass 100 per minute, an error will get displayed. Error 429 too many requests can also arise because of a defective theme or a bad plugin. 

You can see this error in one of the following forms:

  • 429 error
  • HTTP 429
  • 429 Too Many Requests  Error 429 (Too Many Requests)

How to Fix Error 429 Too Many Requests?

In some instances, the error will disappear on its own if you just wait for some time. But if it’s due to other reasons like a plugin problem or a DDoS attack, you’ll need to take steps to fix it. 

Disable the plugins

A bad plugin is commonly a cause of error 429. The major reason for this error is security plugins and solutions that compel the website to load beyond HTTPS. These plugins send an excessive number of requests to the server, which in turn results in the 429 error.

The easiest way to know if the plugin is behind this problem is to disable all of them on your website. If the error resolves, you’ll know that the plugin was faulty. Ensure that you keep only the necessary plugins and install those that are indispensable for the proper functioning of your website.

Configure your throttling limit

Throttling means restricting the number of requests an application can submit at a specific time. If you exceed this limit, the API requests will usually be dropped. Setting your own throttling limit is generally used by third-party APIs. But you can use it to limit your consumption of server resources. It is possible to enforce a strict throttling limit to avoid going beyond the server limits. 

Change to a default theme

If a plugin isn’t behind error 429 too many requests, it may be possible that the problem lies with your theme. To find if there’s a problem with the theme, disable it manually. Then, switch to one of the many default themes. If the error occurred due to a faulty theme, it would vanish after you disable it. 

When the problem resolves, choose a theme without any built-in features. Additionally, you can connect with your theme’s designers to inform them of this problem. 

Modify the default login URL of your WordPress website

Brute force login is one of the prominent reasons for error 429. However, it’s very unsafe since almost everyone on the internet can know how to access it. A good way to prevent attackers from breaking into your WordPress login page is to modify its default URL. To locate your default login page, go to your To know how to fix error 429 too many requests by changing WordPress default login, use the free WPS Hide Login plugin. First install and activate the plugin. Then follow these points. 

  • Go to ‘Settings‘ followed by ‘WPS Hide Login’ tab.
  • Here you can modify the login URL. Do it by typing the extension you want to use.
  • Avoid options that people can guess easily. Come up with something truly distinct. 

Connect with your hosting provider

It is the last resort you can take if the methods above do not work out. It’s likely that the error came from the server and not your site. It can also be that your host is blocking requests from particular third-party services. Thus, when you connect with your hosting provider, they’ll be able to shed more light on this problem. 

Final Words

All the measures in this article are highly effective in fixing error 429. So, you won’t question about to fix error 429 too many requests after going through them. But it may be possible that even after trying out all these fixes, the problem remains. The best option is to consult expert WordPress support services in such a case. The WordPress experts will diagnose the root cause of these problems and provide you with a speedy resolution. You can contact them anytime you want. 


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