How to Export EDB File to PST – Top 2 Ways


Summary: In this blog, you will learn about the need to export EDB file to PST format and how to do it smoothly. It also informs you about bottlenecks that can occur if you need to restore Exchange before you can restore the database.

An EDB file is a Microsoft (MS) Exchange Server database file that contains mailboxes for all users on the server computer. A user’s mailbox contains various data items such as email and all its attachments, calendars, contacts, tasks, notes, journals and more. All communications that occur in the organization where Exchange Server is installed are stored in an EDB file. Also, a PST file is an Outlook data file that contains a specific user’s mailbox on a client computer. It is also possible to use MS Outlook as a standalone application or in combination with Exchange Server.

All these problems can be solved by repairing and exporting Exchange mailbox data in Outlook PST format. So first let us know what is the reason why you need to export EDB file to PST

Why Need to Convert EDB to PST Format

There are many reasons why you want to use a reliable method to convert EDB files to Outlook PST format without losing data. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Reduce the size of your mailbox to improve functionality.
  • The data stored in a PST file is very useful if your mailbox is inaccessible due to Exchange Server maintenance.
  • Large mailboxes increase the chances of corruption. You can use it to recover corrupted EDB file and convert it to PST.
  • Your EDB file has been corrupted, now you want to recover your data Reduce mailbox size and improve performance.

Now you know why users export Exchange EDB mailboxes to PST format. So what about the solution? Now let’s take a look at efficient and simple software that can easily repair EDB mailbox data and convert it to PST format, as well as a free automatic manual solution.

Alternative Solution to Export EDB File to PST Without Any Restriction

If you come from a non-technical background, the manual solution will be very complicated. Doing it manually can be a daunting task, especially for busy Exchange administrators. So, here we will describe the Best EDB to PST Converter Software. The process of managing mailbox data from EDB to PST migration is quick and easy. It can be done in less time. Therefore, we need more powerful and user-oriented tools such as EDB to PST converter.

This software simplifies the export process with minimal resources and as little time as possible. This software converts various EDB files and mailboxes to PST format with server performance in mind.

  • Download and Install EDB file to PST Conversion Software
  • The software offers three modes: single file, bulk mode, and find option to upload desired files in the software
  • Now select the file you need to export and right click to open Exportoption
  • Choose from d PST file formats to start the migration process.

Export EDB File to PST via Exchange Management Shell –  Manually

The Exchange Management Shell provides a simple command line interface for accessing the database. This interface allows you to get the status of the database and make any necessary changes.

Then export EDB to PST using the following command:

  • Run the following command to get a list of mailboxes available in the database


  • To export the EDB file to Outlook PST, you need to enter the following
  • command:New-MailboxExportRequest -Mailbox -FilePath \\ ExchangeBackup \ PST \ MailboxName.PST
  • This command saves all mailbox data in a new PST file. Also, make sure the destination folder is a shared folder
  • Now you can run the following command to check the status of the mailbox export request
  • Get a mailbox export request
  • When the export process is complete, use the following command to cancel the export request.

-Delete MailboxExportRequest-Identity

  • With this procedure, you have successfully exported data from one mailbox.

As you can see, the Exchange administrator uses PowerShell commands such as NewMailboxExport-Request and ExMerge to export the Exchange mailbox EDB to PST format. However, these PowerShell commands have limitations. If the administrator is running multiple export jobs on a single instance, the performance of the Exchange server can be degraded.

Demerits of Manual Method

  • The manual method can be very time-consuming during the conversion process.
  • The Task may be a free solution, but it requires technical expertise in the conversion process, which can be difficult for non-technical users to use.
  • Unsatisfactory results can result in loss and data loss.
  • You can only export data up to 2GB.
  • Large mailboxes increase the chances of corruption. You can use it to recover a corrupted EDB file and convert it to PST.

Due to the drawbacks of this manual method, it is recommended to avoid the manual method and choose a professional Software.


This blog provides user-recommended answers to questions about how to export EDB file to PST file format. We have considered manual and professional automation solutions, but the manual method has various drawbacks and risks. Hence, we recommend you to use free and intelligent automation solutions for a fast and efficient conversion process.


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