How to Enjoy Your Stay in Downey, CA


Downey, California, may certainly Stay in Downey the description of least-known cities in the United States. After all, it is small, with slightly over a hundred thousand residents. 

But Downey’s status as part of the Gateway Cities makes it a great place to be, basically a stone-throw away from the best of what southern California has to offer.

Whether you’re visiting or passing through, we believe you can certainly enjoy your stay in Downey. 

Here’s our checklist of what to do to make your stay in Downey enjoyable and memorable:

  1. Check Out the Downey History Center

There’s a story wherever you go, and in Downey, a huge chunk of it is well-preserved. 

While in town, why don’t you head over to the Downey Historical Society at South Rives Avenue and immerse yourself in the history of the city?

Tons of records like books, maps, photos, and newspapers will send you on a trip down history lane. 

There are plenty of things, from photos dating back to 1929 to addresses of old houses built prior to 1929, that still exist.

  1. Lock & Key Social Drinkery

You’ve got to eat while in town, and there’s one great place for a good meal and a drink or two.

Lock & Key is a nice restaurant and also a pub, and probably the place to chill with friends. You could try their famous tomahawk or steak, but there are plenty of local dishes on the menu too.

If you like dimly-lit eateries that are actually high-end with an overall good vibe, Lock & Key fits that description.

  1. Drive Around Town

Compared to the large neighboring cities like LA, Downey is more laid back, quieter, and peaceful.

If you have nowhere specific to be, you may want to drive around the beautiful, almost deserted streets. Just be careful of the intersection at Lakewood Boulevard, Firestone Boulevard, and Florence Avenue.

These intersections are prone to crashes, and if you’re new in town, you may not be on your guard. Personal injury attorneys in Downey are aware of the dangers lurking in these intersections, so if anything happens, don’t hesitate to reach out for legal aid.

  1. Visit Columbia Memorial Space Center

For a bit of space history, check out the Columbia Memorial Space Center at 12400 Columbia Way. The city was a place of airplane and space innovations from as early as the 20s.

By the 40s, Downey was a hub of airplane manufacture, making great contributions to the nation’s military fleet.

In the 60s, the city became more focused on space technology, groundbreaking the famous Apollo program.

The center is also a memorial for the crew members of the tragic Space Shuttle Columbia. While the place is more designed as a learning center for children, it is interesting and worth visiting for people of all ages.

  1. Watch a Movie at the Drive-in Theater

Drive-in theaters are a huge part of global entertainment history, but like most things, their time appears to be long gone. With only a handful of them left in the country, someday soon, they’ll be nothing but a memory.

Your stay in Downey certainly gives you an opportunity to watch a movie at a drive-in while they are still around.

The Paramount Drive-in Theaters at Rosecrans Avenue are installed on a massive lot with two towering screens. 

Unless you have somewhere else to be, sitting in your car in a large parking lot, munching fries, and watching a movie on a giant screen isn’t so bad.

  1. Try Out 3rd Street Coffee

In downtown Downey, there’s a coffee place known simply by the street name: 3rd Street Coffee. It’s hard to miss as it has patio seating right there on the street, with a green overhang.

The coffeehouse has been around since 2000 and has become something of a local gem.

You could drive down to the coffeehouse during your mornings in Downey and enjoy an assortment of breakfast treats with a local touch. 

  1. Shop at Stonewood Mall

You most likely want to go shopping, eat out, and have a good time while in Downey. If that’s the case, Stonewood Mall won’t disappoint.

The mall is large and ultramodern, with many popular specialty shops like H&M, Victoria’s Secret, JCPenney, and Kohl’s.

You could eat at the food court or BJ Restaurant, and if you have kids, there are lots of fun activities to keep them occupied.


Downey is a laid-back city. Still, it has no shortage of things to do to make your stay fun.

There are plenty of restaurants, shopping places, entertainment spots, and chill outdoor seating where you can relax and take in the surroundings.


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