How to Enjoy a Cool, Crisp Hard Seltzer Drink


What is the best way to enjoy a hard seltzer drink? As the drinks continue to grow in popularity, people experiment with different ways to enjoy their favorite flavors. How you drink it may depend on the season, occasion, or personal preference. Since hard seltzer has a lower alcohol content, people like to pair it with certain meals or keto-based diet plans. As an affordable beverage, you can enjoy it anytime during the year. People have a preferred method for how to drink their favorite flavor or brand. Here are tips to make your next seltzer cold, crisp, and delicious.

Add Ice or Leave It Out?

Whether you’re drinking a Bud Light Retro seltzer from the can or a hard seltzer cocktail in a glass, should the drink be poured over ice or left to chill in the fridge? Many agree seltzer is best enjoyed cold to maximize the flavor. Serving it with ice is a personal preference. Some recommend it to help your drink stay cold longer, but others will skip the ice to avoid watering down the seltzer flavor.

How to Add or Kick Up the Flavor

Hard seltzer alone is excellent, but you can experiment and add flavor to enhance the drink. Depending on the seltzer flavor, you can add fruit slices or chunks to your drink when adding ice. For example, consider cubed watermelon or lime slices with an ice-cold Bud Light Retro seltzer. Other options may include adding fruit juice, fresh or frozen fruit, and herbs. A cocktail mix is a popular option that may consist of a bit of vodka or gin. Others may add fruit juice to their seltzer if they don’t want solid fruit added. It is common to have a personal preference, but it can be fun to experiment and drink seltzer in different ways to create new flavors to enjoy.

How Should You Drink It?

Should you drink seltzer as a mixed cocktail or as a stand-alone drink? The versatility of seltzer allows people to choose how to serve it. Some people enjoy seltzer in a glass with ice or a chilled glass from the freezer. Some people have a favorite type of glass to drink from such as a Collins or highball glass.
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The serving glass, along with some fruit and herb garnish, can make a drink look more refreshing. A good quality brand straight from the can such as a Bud Light seltzer summer can be a thirst-quencher during your favorite season.

Additional Tips People may choose to enjoy their hard seltzer based on the season. Make it a cool Bud Light seltzer summer on a hot day or enjoy a winter hard seltzer variety pack featuring holiday spices. Enjoy your seltzer drink soon after opening the can. You’ll lose the carbonation or fizz effect if you wait too long. Some people think you have to enjoy a hard seltzer a certain way. However, there’s nothing wrong with having a personal preference. As long as you enjoy it, that’s all that matters.


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