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How to Create Instagram Content Plan for Your Business?


The fundamental principles of content planning for Instagram

Visual Concept. Because Instagram is an image-based social media platform and your grid’s design, or at the very least, some optical coherence, is crucial. It’s a basic rule that your grid should appear conceptual. Therefore, before you start managing the details of your Instagram profile and investing every cent into targeted ads and influencers, focus on the visual aspects of your profile. The stories and IGTV are equally important.

Consistency. In light of the confusion about the meaning of this, It is helpful to state that this isn’t just about timing. Timing can be important, but only when you’ve thoroughly analyzed it and found the best one for your Instagram account. Today, more and more marketers pay attention to numbers and statistics such as ER and how you interact with your followers.

Audience understanding. This concept should be your primary goal. Your content could be amazing and extremely engaging in theory but not applicable to your audience because you don’t know them.

Being aware of your target audience’s demographics and its motives, fears, concerns, and hopes is one of the most fundamental guidelines of traditional marketing. To get to know your customers better, you should visit their websites regularly, browse through their feeds, conduct polls on Stories and host live streams or webinars that communicate with them in real-time and lookup user-generated content, which includes you to find out the conversations people have about your company.

Competitors’ Analysis of their content strategy. Look up your competition on Instagram and examine how, what, and, perhaps most importantly, what they are implementing within their Instagram content strategy. This is necessary to gain a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and analyze their feedback from their users and adapt successful ideas.

The best tips for creating your Instagram successful content plan

  • Be aware of the reasons you are posting

Consider what you would like to convey and accomplish with each publication. Do you wish to sell? Build a loyal customer base? Or learn to get to know your customers better? If you keep this in your mind, you’ll get rid of uninteresting and irrelevant content that doesn’t connect with your customers and your business.

Check everything

What do your customers like more? Single images or videos, carousels or images, with short or long captions, or perhaps without captions at all Emojis, or even their absence stories, a lot of Stories, or no captions whatsoever, IGTV videos or clips on the feed? Do you have the ability to answer this question without starting from beginning to end? If not, continue trying. Test different types of content and continually examine what your audience responds to. Be constant and yet innovative think about brainstorming and making your team members think together.

Use content planning solutions.

Planning Instagram content isn’t an easy task, particularly for digital agencies that schedule content in large quantities. It is therefore essential to locate an auto-publishing software to use. Combin Scheduler is a user-friendly, efficient, cost-effective and frees Instagram scheduler.

Free Instagram scheduler

With this app, you can quickly organize your posts and Stories for a future scheduling plan or instant publishing. Write captions, tag users, and even add hashtags to your posts or the location tag, add the publishing details and put aside Instagram for a few days.

To ensure that the design is sleek, Make use of the calendar in the app that lets you design your grid.

Connect your business to the content

Content strategies for different companies must be different, naturally. This isn’t just about being part of B2C or B2B sectors, as that’s too unclear. We’ve studied our customers and their businesses, and here are some tips we’d like to share with you.

How can you connect the content to your business?

After analyzing our clients, We’ve found that the vast majority are digital agencies and marketers and representatives of visual-based businesses such as designers, photographers and illustrators, software developers, and owners of startups that develop software. As entrepreneurs who consult from different sectors; and e-commerce businesses.

We’ll focus on these areas and other similar ones to offer you useful tips. It isn’t easy to record strategies for content marketing for any business. However, you can use some of these tips within your job to enhance your content.

Marketing and digital agencies

In a company like this, it’s essential to establish skills and then prove them through positive examples. Marketers can share charts, studies, and success stories in video and photo formats about their clients. In addition to the valuable and useful content, be aware of the presentation style and captivating articles. Be mindful of the most recent trends in marketing and provide insights in exchange for free to earn the confidence.

In addition to the above, ensure that a person represents your business account. Introduce your company to the crowd and discuss your day-to-day activities periodically.


It’s similar to digital agencies. However, we’re talking about entrepreneurs who operate independently and make money through consulting rather than as part of an agency or even a business. They include health or fitness bloggers, legal consultants, psychologists, economists, and others.

This, too, is the necessity to compose captions, offer practical tips and make the most value from Stories or IGTV. With Stories, you can create polls and quizzes that test the knowledge of your audience on the topic of your profession. If, for instance, you’re a dietician, therefore, you could ask your followers which one of these two items is more calorific or which one is healthier. After that, you could begin a live stream with an in-depth explanation of the subject.

Visual Businesses

Designers, photographers, creative agencies, makeup artists, fashion stylists, Instagram stores selling cosmetics, clothes, and many other businesses similar to these where the image of the product is most important must be focusing first and foremost on this.

If you feel inclined to write long stories for your posts, do it. Sometimes, it’s just right; however, if you’re selling clothing, for example, all you have to write about in the majority of cases is size and price. Suppose you find that it’s too boring or price tag-like. Include a brief description. However, there’s no need to compose captions exceeding 2,200 characters. Nobody will ever read them. Spend your time on high-quality photoshoots or editing your visual content instead.

IT, Software, and Computer Technology

Computer technology and software are two fields where it is difficult to make bets on the visual side. Yet, it is possible to modify all your images to one style and then create your grid using similar colours.

In this instance, you may want to upload tutorial videos, showcase how your products work, upload GIFs with hacks and tricks to your customers and hold Q&A sessions with the support staff.


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