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Looking for solutions to convert PNG to HTML? Here is a guide for you. Here, we will show you two solutions to export image files to HTML files easily.

PNG, short for Portable Network Graphics, is a high-quality graphics file format that you can view in almost any graphics program, image viewer, or web browser. The PNG format is a slightly better known alternative to JPG files. While JPG is the preferred format for consumers, especially when storing images on digital cameras, PNG is more popular among web design professionals and is actually the successor to the now largely obsolete GIF format.

Why Need to Convert PNG File to HTML

  • Easy to learn and use. HTML is widely used.
  • HTML is light and loads fast.
  • It integrates into almost all websites, if not all.
  • HTML also allows the use of templates, which make it easy to design web pages.
  • Files with the HTML extension include textual content and textual links to external objects, such as images in articles.
  • If not all browsers support HTML, all browsers can support HTML.

How to Convert PNG to HTML File Format

There are two ways to convert a PNG image file to HTML

  • Manually
  • Automation Solution

Manual Approach to Change PNG to HTML File Format

In this section of the blog, we’ll cover a manual process on the Windows toolkit to help you convert the PNG file extension to HTML.

  • Open your Chrome browser and sign in to your Google Drive account
  • Next, upload the PNG image file to your drive
  • Now right-click on the image and select the “Google DOCS” option from the “Open withdrop-down menu
  • Then click on the file option and select the HTML export format to option

Shortcomings of Free Solution

  • Difficulty understanding manual processes.
  • Complex tasks that cannot be performed without technical knowledge
  • long and slow process
  • Safe and accurate results are not guaranteed.

 Automatic Solution to Convert PNG to HTML

You have seen that manual solutions are difficult to execute, so automated solutions are needed. Image Converter Tool will easily help you convert image files to HTML file format. In addition, its simplified interface does not have any problem for you to carry out these steps. There is no obfuscation and your data is completely safe, unlimited data is converted from images to HTML. This tool becomes the best and safest tool to batch convert multiple images to your desired format. After compressing an image, the tool ensures that the image quality is not compromised. When an image is resized for compression, the size assigned to the image does not affect the image quality. The image conversion tool is built with advanced mechanisms to maintain image quality and deliver the best results.

Stepwise Guide to Convert PNG Image to HTML

  • Download and install Image File Converter
  • Click the Add File/Add Folder tab to add the image
  • Select HTML to convert image to HTML file format
  • Choose the HTML settings as needed. It provides the option to “Create HTML for each image”
  • Pick the Convert button to start converting the image to HTML.


Through this article, you can get a method to convert PNG to HTML. As a novice user, you may find some problems with manual solutions, then you can choose third-party software that is easy to understand. You can check the working capacity and functionality of the app by downloading the free trial version.


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