How to Choose the Right Custom Boxes for Your E-commerce Business?


Customers are the ruling authority in the e-commerce world. All the efforts put into making and marketing a product are ultimately judged by the customers. They spend only a few seconds deciding whether they approve of the custom boxes or not.

There are more than a handful of variations in e-commerce. From changing shipping requirements to dynamic customer tastes, every trend alters after a while giving sellers a frequent challenge to overcome.

The packaging stands as the lone effective representation of this change. If the e-brands don’t depict modern industry dynamics, customers will be quick to opt for alternatives. The primary function of adopting industry norms is to look modernistic and up-to-date. Moreover, the boxes bring uniqueness to the otherwise generic products and their similar characteristics. Another effective feature of customized packaging is that custom boxes efficiently allocates resources with a minimum amount of depletion.

How can customization help in winning customers?

Grasping new customers has become a psychological game in modern times. Where the boxes offer a good representation of the brand, they also provide a separate brand identity that helps customers spot it amongst the numerous choices scattered around.

Sellers can put their imagination to paper when they design their shipping boxes. Apt measurements, shapes, and patterns enhance the boxes’ quality and the perceived brand value. Various material stock is also available to be utilized for the boxes, making every decision personalized and for the target audience.

Want to know what else makes customized e-commerce boxes the first choice for packaging? You don’t have to look far, we have comprised a list right here. Take a look:

  1. Marketing like no other

How much do you spend on branding annually? Placing your brand identity on every commodity is an innovative and affordable way to capture customer attention. It also extends premium brand vibes to customers.

Think about what would you rather get; a custom-made box with branded seals and box content or a brown basic box with just a brand title? We guess the former!

You are alone in feeling such sentiments about packaging. The majority of customers (more than 65%) agree to be enticed by branded boxes.
a further 48% said that they are more likely to reorder from a brand when it offers branded packaging.

Every little box angle can speak volumes about your business. These can include handles, covers, custom inserts, tapes, and more. You can create the boxes to extend a memorable brand image that customers can recall and retain.

custom boxes
  • Provide an appropriate safety cover

Customization becomes mandatory to ship varying products with different characteristics and requirements. Standard boxes do not work to provide the desired safety gear. Can you send perishable food items in the same box as apparel items? Certainly not.

E-commerce businesses deal with a wide plethora of product types. They also cater to a broad customer demographic. Frequent shipping and fluctuating warehouse conditions pose threat to the products’ safety. The only viable answer is to make the boxes as per the product specifications.

Custom options offer freedom over choosing the box dimensions, thicknesses, and shapes. This means that sellers can have their desired custom boxes’ quality as well as appearance. You don’t have to confine yourself to the boring box shapes anymore. A host of creative box forms can make your brand seem more desirable and unique.

  • Reduce extra costs and resource consumption

Customizing the boxes can actually save you ample costs. Surprised? Cutting boxes doesn’t only give a modified brand appeal but also literally trims down overall packaging and marketing expenses. Read on to find out more.

  • Use stock paper in the required quantities. The boxes are fit-to-size which shuns the need for acquiring bigger boxes and thus incurring extra costs.
  • Fitter boxes effectively hold the contents in place. Fewer damages lead to reduced customer complaints and higher repeat orders.
  • Build the brand image without excessively spending on costly marketing outlets like billboards and ads.
  • Custom box printing options help to sustain healthy bottom lines.

Even if at the face value, the customized shipping boxes cost more than the basic ones, they ultimately cover the costs through many resource savings mentioned above.

  • Create an impulse for shopping

If you think that being an e-seller means that you can’t effectively attract impulsive sales, think again! The boxes can be the catalyst that drives customers into making purchases on a loop. Confused? The following custom options can realize this feat.

  • Encourage customers to know more about the brand by printing brand details such as the social media handles and websites.
  • Offer discount coupons on repeat orders and place them inside the boxes for added value.
  • State promotional periods on the inner box sides so customers feel encouraged to order more.
  • Attract customer attention during shipping. Vibrant brand images capture customers’ focus and intrigue them about the brand.
  • Allow buyers to reuse the boxes for refunds and exchanges. It conveys that the brand cares for its customers and is more likely to grab higher brand loyalty.

The only difference between physical selling and e-commerce is that the consumers get a tangible brand feel once the boxes are delivered. Experienced box manufacturers ensure that brands can make this contact count with numerous creative custom box features.

  • Educate customers and stakeholders

Even though not all brands have the resources to ship their orders by themselves compared to the likes of Amazon or eBay, they still can use the box space to positively influence the shipping procedure.

You can print the boxes with appropriate handling and warehouse instructions to keep even the most sensitive items in a good state. Labeling the boxes correctly works to ensure safe shipping. Usually, the boxes are also marked with the required temperatures, coated, and laminated for premium protection.


Obtaining custom boxes for e-commerce is absolutely necessary if you want to materialize the above packaging functions. It is time you put your creative caps on to boost brand awareness. 


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