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Already have your YouTube channel? If not, why? YouTube can make anyone an internet star! Millions of people can watch your videos if you have a YouTube channel and uploading and publishing them is very easy. Do not be discouraged by the fear that it is difficult to do. It’s not difficult. YouTube calls the account a “channel”, it’s not a real channel and you don’t need broadcasting experience. When you sign up for an account you will have a channel on YouTube.

Let’s start! Here are some tips to make your channel easier to use: Sign up – It’s easy and free if you know how to sign up for a free email account. You can register on YouTube. If you already have a Google Account, you can also link it to YouTube.

Customize your settings – YouTube Comments PayPal allows you to customize your settings. Take advantage of this to make your page look the way you want.

This page is like a channel. When people watch your video they come to your page. If it seems interesting and interesting they will always subscribe to your offer. Make sure your page is interesting but clear. Some colors are hard to see or don’t match. Avoid these things on your page.

Upload a video – Follow the instructions YouTube gives you to upload your video. Until you have a video on your channel. You will have a blank page with no content for your viewers and no reason for anyone to subscribe to your channel. Once you have a video on your channel you can see how your audience is receiving your videos. YouTube has tons of analytics you can access to see how people are responding. It also counts the number of people who have viewed your video. And viewers can rate your videos too.

Do you have a YouTube channel that you want to promote and get a lot of traffic? Then you can use the tips below. With this trick you will be able to rank your videos better and get a lot of traffic in a short time. Click here when did social media marketing start.

1. Set goals

Goals should be set first. Let’s say you have a channel for your business store. Now we know it’s a lot of work. And first you have to lay the foundation. What is your goal? Do you want to build loyalty with your existing or new customers? Are your customers new or experienced? What kind of traffic do you need for your channel? You need to answer these questions before creating content specific to your niche. Your content needs to be unique so that viewers can engage with your video.

2. Brainstorm ideas and concepts

All you need to start a YouTube channel is your smartphone. The next important thing is concepts and ideas. Creating an idea takes time. You can start by putting a few dozen ideas on paper. Now type the name you come up with into YouTube’s search box to see what’s displayed. Now you need to find out what videos are missing. Then fill in the gaps by creating a new video.

3. Keep your video short

Viewers today want to get what they want from short videos. They don’t have time to watch long and boring videos. As a general rule, videos should not be longer than 2 minutes. Note that you should not create a long video. In the beginning when you are just starting out potential viewers will click on your video title, thumbnail and description to make sure they are interesting.

4. Attractive thumbnail design

You can start with video titles and thumbnails. We know that YouTube uses the tags and descriptions of your videos to rank them. But you need to grab the attention of the viewers by creating interesting headlines and thumbnails.

5. Title and Description

SEO techniques for blogs or sites and YouTube channels are almost the same. The title and description of the video should be relevant to people.
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It should not contain a lot of unnecessary keywords. In addition, the first two lines of the description will appear in the search results. So they are more important.

6. Comments are allowed.

Allow viewers to comment on your video. Maybe they have something to say about your video. So if you are asked anything in the comment section. We need to answer you as soon as possible. Comments also allow you to get opinions from viewers. So you can improve your video

7. Ask about subscriptions

At the end of each video, don’t forget to ask your viewers to follow along. You can also use the same closing slide with the word Subscribe written at the end of your video. This will remind viewers to follow you.


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