How to Become an SEO Writer?


What’s the profession that is most highly in demand at the moment? Any guesses? If you guessed digital marketer or video maker, you are probably right, but there’s another profession in demand right now, and it’s the role of an SEO content writer. The writing industry is growing massively, and everyone is either opting to become a creative writing expert, technical writer or ghostwriter. For every niche a writer chooses, learning SEO has become necessary.

So, if you know how to write and incorporate difficult keywords or key sentences into a paper, or you’re looking for a flexible job that allows you to work from home or want the freedom to work remotely,  becoming an SEO content writer is a great option.

Honestly, the basics of good SEO writing do not change that often. Moreover, writing an engaging copy to reach the audience and SEO top rankings is completely learnable. And while you’ll need to put in the time and efforts to work to succeed and practice writing skills. Becoming an SEO superstar isn’t out of reach.

The Role of an SEO Content Writer

What do you think a content writer does? A writer usually … writes! However, the job of SEO writers and Creative writing experts is a little tough because they have to create content commonly used for SEO services for a specific business, brand or website. The SEO content can be in any form: a blog, an article, a highly researched paper, a novel, a web page, a social media post, or even a short story. The role of a content writer is to convert the normal content into highly technical content that can put the article or blog on google’s top ranking. 

The Core Responsibilities of an SEO Content Writer

A Creative writing expert or a content writer is responsible for looking after things such as:

  • Finding good topics
  • Investigating competitors’ products
  • Future planning and brainstorming
  • Pieces of writing and proofreading
  • Keyword placement
  • Keeping the company and keep active
  • Look for guest blogging and freelance opportunities to grow the network.

If you’re a freelance SEO content writer, your roles and responsibilities may differ depending on the company, brand or the individual you are working with. Some  SEO content writers work with editors and submit their work, while others must write and edit, delivering a perfect copy. Becoming an SEO writer can be easy, but it may turn out to be a failure if not done right. Nonetheless, it is a job of an enthusiast.  

How to Become an SEO Content Writer

As we mentioned above in our article, you’d find it difficult to start with SEO writing if you are a new writer. For starters, it gets overwhelming, and you may be unclear about where to begin. For example, you may ask, does it require a degree to become an SEO content writer? Or can a free SEO certification help to understand the SEO content demands? While free online SEO courses are beneficial, the best way to become a content writer is to begin writing! A beginner must pick a topic that suits them better and begin writing to practice and polish their skills.

Attention is the key here. You need to learn what sells. So, conduct extensive research and find out what are people searching for in the niche you have chosen to write for. Once you have figured out what is in demand and the most desirable queries, garnering the audience’s attention may not be too difficult.  

Finally, a writer must know how to collect data, facts, statistics, research, understand customer behaviour, and have advanced knowledge about the product. This will help them to write a top-notch paper or craft a great social media post. SEO content writing aims to reach your target customer, so first, you need to know the client, what they are looking for over the inter, net and what can interest them.

To become a full-fledged SEO content writer, you need to develop skills to help you achieve the possible number of clients on board. Following are a few things you can do to help you become an SEO Creative writing expert.

· Audience-Centric Content

It is important to bring up repeatedly because becoming an SEO content writer will be nearly impossible if you are not creating audience-centric content. But what is audience-centric content, exactly?

Audience-centric content is the pieces you write keeping your audience in mind. For example, assume you are working for a hair oil company. Which audience will you target in your SEO marketing blog? Which audience will be intrigued to learn about the oil? Of course, the answer is anyone facing hair loss problems. You can take a survey or talk to people in your surrounding to learn which age group faces the most hair loss issues and then write accordingly.

Keeping your audience’s needs in mind while writing the content is something considered audience-centric content.

· Long-tail keywords

SEO copywriting services is all about keywords. However, as the market is growing and people are aware of the advantages SEO writing has, it is becoming nearly impossible to create content based on a single keyword.

Fortunately, the algorithm is changing for beginners. So, now people opt for long-tail keywords instead of using a single word to promote their brand.

Are you interested to know the best part? When it comes to conversion rates, long-tail keywords outperform other keywords significantly. Therefore, when conducting keyword research for content, look for long-tail keywords that support the topics your target audience is interested in hearing about the product or company you are writing for.

· Impressive Portfolio

For any writer, it is critical to have an impressive portfolio. Otherwise, you won’t be recognized in the main industry. Moreover, being an SEO Creative writing expert, it is important to demonstrate your work and skills so that people can work with you without any hesitation.

Writers should start their blogs if they’d like to have more clients. Having a blog is like giving the clients a peak-a-boo to all the previous work, which is a great practice because, honestly, no one hires a writer without seeing samples.

· Deep Research

To optimize your client’s search engine ranking, you’ll need to master the art of incorporating keywords into your writing when creating SEO-friendly content. And how do you know to incorporate keywords? You read as many articles, papers, and blogs as possible to see how people have included small or long-tail keywords in their content. Research until you find the answers to your questions.

Brainstorm a list of the essential subjects based on what you know about the business. Also, looking for relevant search terms is part of a good keyword research strategy. You might also want to investigate your client’s competitors to see how they rank for these keywords. After completing these steps, you can narrow down your list with a tool like the Keyword Planner.


Being a writer, know one thing – the more clients you have, the more popular you are. Therefore, aspiring content writers should familiarize themselves with the most popular social media platforms. Emerging Creative writing experts should also be willing to adopt new methods and technologies as they become available. So, keep up with any changes and write your way to success!


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