How Online GST Calculator is Useful to Calculate Your GST Amount?


The Goods and Service Tax is important for all wholesalers, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers. They need to pay the Goods and Service Tax as an indirect tax. The Indian parliament helped this particular act to come into effect from 1st July 2017. 

It helps to replace all the other kinds of taxes. While using the GST calculator, you will come across various benefits. It would help you find out your net and gross product price in the realm of percentage-based GST rates. The process of filing GST online helps save your time while reducing the chances of entering any human errors while accurately calculating the Goods and Service Tax’s total cost.

The process of calculating GST

Taxpayers are aware that GST is an important aspect of the economy. They don’t have to pay taxes at every step like they used to do before. It is possible only due to the implementation of the Goods and Service Tax by the government of India. While calculating the Goods and Service Tax, one must be aware of different rates applicable in various categories of services and products available in the economy. Under India’s new Goods and Service Tax, the rates according to the structure are 5%, 12%, 18%, and lastly, 28%.

If you want to calculate the Goods and Service Tax, you have to use a formula that can help you get the result without any errors. Alternatively, you can also take the help of any GST calculator online to find out the amount of GST that you have to pay to the Government of India. Also, whenever you are taking any business loan, you can take the help of a business loan calculator to estimate the amount of interest and the GST you need to pay. You can use the following formulation as you start calculating the GST of any product or service.

  • Addition of the Goods and Service Tax

Follow the following formula in this case.

GST amount=(original cost X GST percentage)/100

If you want to find out the net price of the product, you need to subtract the amount of GST from the original cost.

  • Removal of the Goods and Service Tax

You need to use the following formula for the same.

GST amount= original cost-[original cost x{100/(100+GST%)}]

If you want to find the net cost or the net price, you have to subtract the GST amount from the product’s original cost.

You will find several doubts and confusion regarding the GST calculation on any products and goods. Along with implementing GST on any product and service, one tends to see its difference. GST bills come with a variety of components. One is known as the central GST, and the other is the state GST. The rates of each GST are approved only after looking into the avenues of revenues and acceptability except for the various goods and services that are exempted. Both the CGST and SGST apply to various goods and services.

As you look forward to subsuming the excise duty, it becomes favorable to the end consumers. There happens to be a reduction in the cost for the retailers, manufacturers, and wholesalers. And due to this reduction, the input tax credit was also reduced. Hence, you must look forward to calculating the GST with the help of a GST calculator online only to know about the amount you need to pay.


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