How much is Lili Estefan Net Worth?


How much is Lili Estefan salary? According to the specialized site Lili Estefan salary Celebrity Net Worth, the Cuban-American presenter, actress, and model, born in Cuba on March 20, 1967, has a net worth of $ 10 million.

Who is Lili Estefan’s ex?

Lili Estefan’s ex-husband, Lorenzo Luaces, brought to light the reasons that led him to be unfaithful to the driver and she knew them perfectly.

How much is Gloria Estefan’s fortune?

500 million dollars, that would be the patrimony of the American singer of Cuban origin Gloria Estefan, according to estimates of the Celebrity Net Worth portal.

What’s wrong with Gloria Estefan?

Gloria Estefan Lili Estefan’s husband has already recovered. Gloria Estefan revealed on Wednesday that she spent much of November in isolation after testing positive for COVID-19. The 63-year-old singer said she was lucky and only had “a little cough” and dehydration, after losing her sense of taste and smell.

Where does Gloria Estefan currently live?

Gloria Estefan
HomeMiami beach
NationalityCuban and American
SpouseEmilio Estefan

What is Gloria Estefan’s house like?

Gloria Estefan’s house has been decorated following the characteristic Florida style. The complex has two houses: the main one with five bedrooms and four full bathrooms; and a separate guest house called ‘La Casita’ with three other bedrooms, three bathrooms, and its own patio.

How can I contact Gloria Estefan?


  1. David Salvador Sáez.
  2. Telephone: (+34) 676 156 111.
  3. E-mail:

What are Emilio and Gloria?

Gloria and her husband Emilio enjoy the success of the musical kingdom that they rule as the godfathers of Latin artists in the United States and the fathers of the percussion with a Cuban flavor that they popularized in the world. The music industry in Miami bears his last name.

Who is Gloria Estefan’s father?

Jose Fajardo

What is the name of Gloria Estefan y’s husband?

Emilio Estefan (Santiago de Cuba, March 4, 1953) is a Cuban musician and producer of Lebanese, Spanish and Syrian descent living in the United States, winner of 19 Grammy Awards, and co-founder of the Miami Sound Machine musical group with his wife, Gloria Estefan.

Where was Gloria Estefan born?

September 1, 1957 (age 63), Havana, Cuba

What was the name of Gloria Estefan’s group?

Miami Sound Machine

Where was Gloria Estefan filmed when there is love?

The music video for “When there is love” was recorded in Salvador Bahia, dancing with Bahianas. “These were the first women who started samba music decades ago,” says Estefan.

Who sings the song of there is love?


When did Gloria Estefan get married?

September 2, 1978 (Emilio Estefan)

What is Gloria Estefan’s height?

1.57 m

How old is Lili the one with the fat and the skinny one?

54 years old (March 20, 1967)

What is the name of Lili Estefan’s daughter?

Lina Teresa

What are Lili Estefan’s children?

Lili Estefan

Nationality          Cuban and American


Spouse Lorenzo Luaces (1992–2017)

Sons       Lorenzo Jr and Lina Teresa


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