How much does a designer earn?


One person earns a lot through the internet and shows everything with examples, go read! Bookmark the page. Now read the information given below and write your review.

There are a large number of well-known designers, such as Richard Rogers or Karim Rashid, who have become not only associated with this profession but have also created their own studios. They were able to earn a comfortable old age!

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And what is happening in Pakistan? What does a designer earn per month? What affects his income, is it really such an attractive profession as they say about it?

To answer these questions, it is worth sorting out what responsibilities they have, what they do, and also how much a designer earns, of course.

What does a designer earn?

The designer is in great demand, especially in the Internet sphere. He earns even no less than an architect or an experienced builder.

Basically, the list of duties of such a specialist includes:

Website design. 

They have to do, in fact, the entire project and the concept of the resource from scratch.

Logo design.

Yes, designers are also approached to make a logo for a particular company. He, in turn, will become their facial reflection for future customers.

Small design. 

We are talking about editing photos, creating the appearance, for example, a Youtube channel, and so on.

Business card design. 

Designers must also develop business cards for companies, making them as concise and attractive as possible for customers.

This is the main activity of designers. Each and every day, they perform this task.

Requirements for a designer to start earning.

Before you find out how much a designer earns per month, you need to understand what requirements exist for him. They look like this:

He must be able to work with specialized software.

Photoshop, After Effect, and so on. The list of programs is very large.

Creativity and productivity. 

These are two factors that a designer will have to combine if he wants to earn good money.


The designer must have a large number of completed projects, as well as a portfolio.

If we are talking about work for hire, then you will also need higher education, but every year it is looked at less and less!

Designer earnings.

You need to understand that there are several types of designers at once. Those who work for hire can earn 40-60 thousand rupees.

However, most often designers work for themselves and find orders on their own at various specialized sites. The average salary of such a designer is 80-90 thousand rupees and more. Professionals who have their own studio can receive 150-250 thousand rupees each.

The main advantage of such a profession, of course, is not only a good salary but also further development. Experienced designers can always create their own studio and start earning just by managing it!

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