How Mailer Boxes Are Supporting the Small Businesses


Whether your company is big or small, shipping boxes can present a challenge. These days, shipping is a requirement. If you are not exporting your commodities, the possibility is you are performing something FALSE. Regardless of what you are performing to bring your products into your buyers’ hands, you should highly examine exporting with custom mailer boxes.

Custom Mailer Boxes?

Mailer boxes are created of corrugated cardboard that delivers significant safety to contents throughout the shipping operation. These boxes do not need any outer packaging elements that incline to improve expenses and reduce convenience.

Custom Mailer boxes can be completely customized to correspond to a brand’s aesthetic by printing branded text, images, and other illustrations directly onto the box. As a result, custom mailer boxes are excellent for e-commerce and subscription brands.

Advantages of Using Custom Mailer Boxes for Your Business?

There are many advantages of utilizing custom mailer boxes for your company as it arises.

Branded opportunity

If you are not already benefiting from custom logo mailer boxes, you are missing out on a key branded chance. There are quite a few aspects pertained to when it appears to ship, and sometimes it can take a small while for your package to reach your consumer after they have positioned their order. Relying on how much time has passed by, they may even skip they ordered something! Employ all of the space on a package by building a custom mailer box and plastering your branding all over it.

This will build another term for your consumer to devour your brand, enabling you to evacuate another appearance. Impressions are the main to assembling powerful brand understanding with both your prevailing consumers and potential buyers. If they did occur to ignore their order, it would be a fascinating surprise when they discover your recognizable packaging substance.

These days, more and more people are giving rise to their purchases online as contradicted to in shops. While it’s significant to conserve an online existence, it’s equally valuable to make face-to-face relationships with your audience. This can be tough when people are whirling to online shopping. So, making sure to take benefit of manual branding alternatives such as custom mailer boxes is vital to aid your company’s endeavors.


There are numerous choices when shipping boxes and substances appear, but some are more costly than others. You might think that the custom mailer box means that it will cost your company an arm and a leg, but that is not valid. There are several alternatives to getting mailer boxes custom-made that won’t smash the bank. Frequently, you are encouraged to purchase in the majority, as it can be inexpensive due to the printing technique. But what if you don’t expect bulk? You may discover yourself with an abundance of wasted delivery substances you spent for but can’t or just won’t end up utilizing. You don’t have to be concerned about that. Clipnbox offers short-run printing, meaning you don’t have to order more than you wish. And you can conserve some money with our affordable pricing model.

Added Protection

Nothing is worse than having your commodity arrive at someone worsened. Custom packaging for small businesses can encompass more safety for your products. Clipnbox offers corrugated boxes comprising two thin cardboard coatings with a wavy layer. This corrugated coating enhances the box, expanding even more security for the things inside. Every box that clipnbox sells has moved through one of two experiments that validate box strength.

Confirming your custom mailers have extra safety to lessen the hazard of harmed or broken goods will support you in the long run. This will assist you in decreasing overhead expenses and enforce the favorable image of your brand in the community.

Secure: Custom logo mailer boxes are safe and heavy. Custom mailer boxes are also steady thanks to strong and reliable corrugated cardboard realized for being crush-proof and puncture-proof.

Environmentally Friendly:

Custom mailer boxes wholesale are also environmentally peaceful since they are primarily prepared from recycled substances and can then be recycled themselves after usage.

This indicates that custom mailer boxes are an excellent packaging solution for fresh brands. Buyers increasingly watch environmentally peaceful packaging and are more ready to buy from brands that indicate that they supervise the environment.


 Custom mailer boxes are lightweight means that they are manageable to store and easy to transport since they don’t take up much room or weight. This also means that they are manageable for buyers to carry — providing an enormous unboxing experience.

A Few Things you can Include in Your Design

First and the main thing, make sure you at least encompass your logo and the title of your organization. In this way, packages are rapidly recognizable and spark happiness in the recipients when they watch them. You should try to perform the exact thing with your packaging.

You can put up with it further and formulate a pattern that suits your brand. Or you could barely select to move with the box’s color as it is. Your logo and some important pieces of information such as your website, social media,  retail localities, etc.

Custom Size

Custom mailer boxes are, by insolvency, customizable. For some corporations, you can customize extents like the length, width, depth, paper variety, and even the ink utilized on your box.

You can customize each component of your custom cardboard boxes, from the printing choices to the internal dimensions and everything in between.

Unboxing Experience

Making your buyers’ shopping occasions memorable is a surefire way to attract repeat buyers. Begin with the design on the box’s surface. Then formulate your way to the details of how your product is shown and packaged inside the box. Establish such a desirable unboxing experience for your consumers that they won’t be eligible to assist themselves. They’ll just have to come back for further.

If you are peeking to formulate customized mailers for your company, look no further than clipnbox. You can manufacture your box yourself or call on our trained in-house designers to work with you to build an excellent design for your brand.

Marketing Tool 

Custom mailer boxes can also be utilized as a marketing tool by effectively branding them with your logo, colors, and characters. When people watch them on their neighbor’s front porch or in the arms of their UPS motorist, they will automatically see and likely think about your brand.

Where to Find Custom Mailer Boxes?

If you’ve agreed that custom mailer boxes are the packaging solution you require for your company, your next necessity is to discover particular boxes that work for your commodities and brand. The promising news is that lots of packaging corporations deliver custom mailer boxes.

We propose custom mailer packaging in various sizes and paper alternatives — all at accessible prices. We also give price matching in the rare case that you find a lower rate elsewhere.

With our reasonable prices, we can deliver top-quality products since each step from preparing the raw materials to printing designs is performed in-house.


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