How Is A General Contractor Responsible For Your Home Improvement Project?


Management plays a vital role in the construction project that must be in place, just like in many other business sectors. The general contractor is the head of that management. He must authorize his manager and subordinates and inspect each task, no matter how minor or major it is! He oversees the entire project sitting at the pinnacle.

General Functionalities of a General Contractor

Ideally, a general contractor takes charge of the entire construction site. Following the type and nature of the project, he enters into contracts with owners of residential and commercial properties for the numerous tasks that must be completed within a stipulated time frame. Such a project requires thoughtful and meticulous design along with implementation because it entails multiple construction and remodeling commitments.

The duration is also crucial because a contractor is better prepared and experienced to perform a task or project that has a fixed timeline as per agreement.

Hiring subcontractors for specific jobs is another responsibility of a general contractor. These subcontractors include, among others, masons, plumbers, and electricians. A general contractor is also an expert in handling issues relating to the building and renovation of a specific property, which is his focus of the project at hand.

It is essential to choose a general contractor for projects involving remodeling or extensive renovations as he is best equipped to provide the required expertise. The most competent contractors are those who can complete the project as quickly as possible without sacrificing the project’s quality or sustainability.

Moreover, while selecting a contractor, one should ensure that the said proprietor or company has all required licenses, insurance, bonds, certifications, and other forms of security in the event there are unforeseen events that may delay the projects at hand.

For those who are still in the dark, a general contractor is in charge of procuring all the resources required to complete the job. The contractor is responsible for purchasing the materials on behalf of his clients.

It helps the homeowner if he provides the contractor with the existing sketches of building designs and layouts in case the job entails remodeling and renovating a building. It assists in better understanding what the client has been thinking about his home remodeling. The contractor will only be accountable for carrying out what the homeowner has conceived in the first place.

Of course, not every general contractor is gifted with that fundamental creativity. You can also assume that the clients or employers have defined plans in their minds. Therefore, they can speak with the builder about the designs they believe will work best for the project. A general contractor is also someone who has undergone a lot of training and gathered experience in his trade to foresee what the customer expects from him. So, he could be considered an expert in this domain.

Understanding the Things with the General Contractor

You should take your time and undertake crucial consideration when selecting general contractors for your home remodeling project. Keep in mind that the contractor, through the efforts of both himself and his staff, will ultimately determine whether the project is a success or a failure. It serves as the prime justification for homeowners to thoroughly recognize what general contractors are, the range and restrictions of their responsibilities, and how to interact with them to attain the best possible goal.

1. Initial considerations in the Selection Process

You must first determine the extent of work that will be required for your home improvement project before even initiating the selection process concerning the general contractor. Homeowners who live in California and its suburbs like Alhambra, for that matter, may have different necessities and preferences from those who live in homes constructed in Massachusetts. Here in Alhambra, you need to work with your interior designers or architect to identify all the components and minute details the remodeling project would require.

Will there be a significant amount of woodworking or heavy usage of unusual construction supplies such as granite or stone?
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Can conventional general contractors do the job without any hassles, or will the project’s numerous variables require the services of bespoke home builders?

You should think about these and other questions before making a decision. Always ask for referrals from friends or family members for potential general contractors, especially if they have already worked with a specific business or group on their own home renovation projects. To establish their credentials and obtain references for prior work, it wouldn’t hurt to check with your state’s Better Business Bureau regarding a particular person or business.

2. Understanding the Scope of Work of General Contractors

The categories of civil projects that general contractors specialize in may vary. Typically, commercial contractors work on public or commercial construction projects like those related to offices, malls, and schools. In contrast, residential builders concentrate on building single-family dwellings or multi-unit residential structures, which are their areas of expertise. It would be extremely challenging to locate general contractors who can handle both types of construction work due to the diverse skill sets, methodologies, materials, and technology employed in each domain.

Before any work is underway, the contractor should get along well with the interior designers and architects. It is applicable, particularly in custom-built homes, where completion of the essential design features would demand additional expertise and technological know-how. So, the contractor should recognize the scope of work needed and must have a clear assessment of his team’s ability to implement things in client’s favor.

If the design components and needs exceed the current capabilities, the general contractors should be accountable enough to disclose their shortcomings to the homeowners. This unique process need to be enforced throughout the bidding process to enable the competent and experienced contractors to proceed and assume responsibility for the project,

3. Appointment of Sub Contractors

Some aspects of home remodeling projects may fall outside the competence and purview of general contractors. In these situations, the general contractors may employ the services of specialized subcontractors to carry out the necessary works, which could include electrical, plumbing, painting, excavation, or any other mandatory things needed to finish the project. However, the principal contractor would be responsible for e completion of these works and would be accountable for the workmanship of any assignments allotted to these subcontractors.

Questions To Ask the General Contractors

We suggest that all potential homeowners in Alhambra should ask their general contractor the following questions. You will certainly avoid a lot of hassles and challenges by asking these questions. Use these considerations when developing a new home or modifying an existing one.

1. Who is carrying out building inspections?

You may keep in mind that time-consuming building inspections interrupt the process of building or remodeling a home. The homeowner may occasionally be able to guide the building inspector for seamless inspections, minimizing the contractor’s time and workload.

2. What are the duties and responsibilities of a homeowner?

Are there any other issues the homeowner will have throughout the construction process, apart from fulfilling funding commitments and making timely payments to the general contractors?

3. What are the responsibilities falling under the purview of the general contractor?

Not everything between you and your building contractor will be immediately evident just because an agreement has been signed. Has your contractor taken responsibility for building permits, insurance, construction hazards, and clean-up?

4. Besides Completing Their Piece of The Project, What Other Activities Will The Subcontractors Perform?

Finding out how well the subcontractors get along with their superior (the main contractor) would be a decent idea. People have witnessed scuffles between the two parties, and subcontractors depart, leaving behind major cleanup issues.

5. What Steps Will The General Contractor Take If They Are Behind Schedule?

One of the most prevalent issues affecting the construction and home improvement industries is work delay. Is the general contractor willing to work overtime and on weekends to complete the job on time? Before beginning the work, come to a mutually acceptable agreement.

Although there are several other critical questions to ask a general contractor, these five can help you avoid a lot of stress and hassle. Before beginning the project and signing the contract, don’t be hesitant to inquire about these matters and any other pertinent thoughts that come to mind.

Specific Areas of Responsibility of A General Contractor

Here are the top five areas of accountability:

  • Documentation: It entails working with the town administration and architect to coordinate the permitting process, providing necessary information as needed, getting insurance and worker’s compensation certificates from all the trading spheres, processing drawings and rework orders, acquiring sign-offs and certificates of completion and occupancy, logging calls and activities, getting capital improvement certificates, and posting updates and status reports. The building department should be a familiar territory for a general contractor, and he should always have a rapport and credibility with the building inspectors.
  • Budgetary Control: The general contractor takes the responsibility of floating competitive bids from all the suppliers and sub contractors for the relevant project. A worthy general contractor would suggest cost-cutting options to the customer and architect before and throughout the running of the project. He will check the accuracy of the plans and drawings and, if necessary, offer repetitive field measurements to prevent overpriced modification orders.
  • Site Supervision: Regular visits from a general contractor will be made to the project site to check the quality of the work performed by subcontractors, protect the site from graffiti, vandalism, and dumping, coordinate meter readings, establish thermostats and alarms and keep an eye on problems like roof leaks and other structural hazards. Whether he is meeting with a fire marshal or serving as a peace envoy with the neighbors, he will generally be speaking on behalf of his employer.
  • Work Coordination: Work coordination is one of the most significant functions that fall in the purview of a general contractor. He oversees the project’s completion and prevents any blame games amongst trades that might arise. The general contractor (GC) will be creating work schedules and a “GANTT” chart that details the estimated time, materials, and labor needed for each stage of the construction. Murphy’s Law dictates that there will be unforeseen delays or surprises in every venture. However, it is the general contractor’s responsibility to deal with problems as they emerge and keep the project on track.
  • Good Conduct: The client gets disturbed by a long stretch of the construction process, which may extend for several months. So, it’s important to find a trustworthy GC with positive testimonials and references, and make sure you click with the person as well! Choose a GC you get along with because he will be your “partner” for the length of your project and life.


Finding a top-notch contractor in Alhambra would be the best endeavor for you to take on at this time when you have decided on home remodeling on your Alhambra property. Feel free to contact Queen Remodeling for a free quote. While attempting to upgrade your property, we, as a general contractor, can assist you in a variety of ways. You only need to contact us and discuss your concerns. The rest will be handled by our experts when they arrive at your project site.


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