How Do I Embed on Discord?


Thanks to bots, Discord stands out from the Slack, Wiki, WordPress, etc. communities. In particular, they are created from the main modern programming languages. These features are especially popular with gamers and developers. The platform has also provided specific documentation to help any beginner on Markdown, JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)…

What is a Discord embed?

Embeds are fairly easy to understand by matching with URLs. These are links pointing directly to specific resources. So only the targeted media will be imported when you embed YouTube video URL in a thread. Your web browser will redirect you to this content when you click on it with your cursor.

With an embed code on Discord, or DiscordTree, you have the ability to embed significantly more complex assets. The operation involves, this time, the integration of part of the original web page on another platform. This technique preserves certain characteristics of the element, such as GIF animations, thumbnails, etc.

On Discord, video game and programming enthusiasts appreciate the fact of being able to use tags, robots… Adding objects in reactions is a very common practice within this community. This method also makes it possible to recognize an experienced user on the platform.

Overall, the embed on Discord does not deviate significantly from the usual practices in this area.
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However, watch for character limits on title (256), description (2048), (256), and field. Value (1024), footer. Text (2048), and (256). In addition, you cannot exceed 6,000 characters on all fields to validate the message.

You must also respect the strict rules and syntaxes for js code, embend, etc. Otherwise, your requests will not be valid and your message will not be sent (Bad Request). You cannot, for example, leave a field blank, null, or undefined. You must also provide at least one value. However, each field is in principle optional.

How to do?

Today, you can discover a myriad of builders and embed libraries for Discord on the internet. This is the fastest way to deliver rich messages on this chat service. You will thus have access to various templates based on Javascript and JSON codes, etc. You can also discover a sample adapted to certain situations, if you are proficient in programming.

In addition, this type of platform often offers a very practical dashboard. You can, for example, fill the predefined embed and visualize the result at the same time. Some sites also allow these elements to be translated simultaneously into Python, Java, HTML, XML, CSS, etc. code.

On the other hand, the use of embed builder makes it possible to limit the risk of errors in the codes and the information in the fields. All it takes is a problem with tags, quotes, bullets, etc., to result in a Bad Request. From this kind of cheat sheet, you can then use the options export, scratch, insert, etc.

Other online services, on the other hand, require specific knowledge in this area. However, these sites generally provide a tutorial or detailed instructions to help you. That said, even if you have to document yourself on the embed, go directly to the Discord tutorial tab. This part of the platform also includes various practical tips for users.

The official documentation also contains many illustrations allowing you to control the operation of the messages on the site. It also tells you how to join a Discord server. For example, you should at least send an embed or content in the body of the message. You must also specify the type of reference code when configuring the options (application/json). This specification is decisive for the validity of the message.


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