How Custom Box Printing Helps in Increasing Cosmetics Sales?


Retailers in the cutthroat cosmetics industry know what is at stake. It takes a more exciting marketing campaign by rivals to divert customer attention. You need to do better with your box printing to keep your head above water.

What is custom printing about?

If you think that printing involves colors and texts then you are partially correct. Whatever you see embossed on customized beauty boxes is the result of careful printing and planning.

Branded boxes are exclusively in demand. Your brand cannot sell through bland brown boxes. it has to offer customers numerous features to add worth to the brand image and seem more valuable than others.

Here is a list of packaging features that customers look for and cherish:

  • The brand identity. It gives buyers a sense of belonging and something to remember the products by.
  • Customized messages. Customers love it when the boxes offer interactive content that is aimed precisely at them.
  • Lively color combos. The boxes look radiant and sparkling with the right use of colors. Customers prefer getting vibrant boxes over plain brown ones any day.
  • Convenient to handle. Consumers want their purchases to come in quirky boxes with custom accessories like handles and branded seals. It definitely ups the unboxing procedure.

Effective handling and establishing a durable link with customers is not possible without well-organized custom printing. It transforms an ordinary box into an indispensable branding tool that creates happy customers and thus immediately elevates overall sales figures.

Some other facets of custom printed beauty boxes

Customer satisfaction is just one of the reasons for your brand to get customized printing. Several other facets make it highly important and relevant for your sales revenues. Take a look below.

Creating brand awareness

How would new beauty brands inform of their existence to potential customers? The brand identity is something that is easily retained by buyers if printed rightly.

A unique display of branding helps to capture customers’ focus and encourage them to try the products the brand has to offer. It means supporting a distinct brand logo that is visible even from a distance and a creatively formatted brand title.

Many popular brands like Dior have survived the industry dynamics due to their undeniable branding. The brand name printed in gold is individualistic and reminds buyers of the business every time they see it on the packaging boxes at numerous retail points.

Your new brand can be instantly spotted when the boxes support an exciting mix of branding. You can ask for professional help to create artistic logos and box appeal.

box printing

Presenting a convincing brand story

Your beauty business could be marketing on several digital and tangible platforms. But how can these be reinforced on customers’ memories?
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The boxes of course come to the rescue!

All the branding makes more sense when it is interpreted on the packaging boxes. The taglines and marketing messages are retained strongly when customers see them printed on the boxes time and over. Box printing involving the basic brand details is bound to excite customers about the business and its product range.

Once customers respond to and agree with your marketing campaign, your product sales are sure to surge like never before!

Conveying vital info

Customers are very aware these days, they know their options and what they want in their cosmetic products. Your brand must convey important details about the company and products for them to take a serious interest in them.

Some of this info contains:

  • The ingredients and allergens.
  • User manual printed in understandable texts.
  • Shipping and storage instructions.
  • Box opening guidelines.
  • Brand contact info including online web portals and e-mail ids.

Without these, customers cannot be encouraged to form and maintain a durable link with the business. Certain well-known brands like Nike often support social causes and post them onto their packaging to grab attention. Placing how the brand complies with environmental guidelines also helps to convince customers of the responsible brand image. These ultimately inflate sales levels.

Personalizing the box appeal

Buyers prefer buying again from brands that offer them personalized boxes. This could comprise using custom messages and/or colors and graphics.

Identifying and then targeting the precise customer demographic becomes viable with custom printed shipping boxes. These can be designed with modern styles that grab customers’ focus prudently. One of the many contemporary box patterns includes printing on the inner box sides and keeping the top minimalistic. Customers are surprised by the sudden appearance of text and colors on the inner flaps.

You can add custom locks in the form of ribbons and confetti to add zest to the boxes and make unboxing fun and memorable.

Adding in customer convenience

The boxes are a canvas that can appear and read as you desire. Custom printing options let the boxes be resistant to scratch and general wear and tear during shipping. Your boxes can appear fresh and original while protecting the sensitive beauty products inside.

Many times, brands put discount vouchers and free samples of new products inside the boxes to allure buyers. Free gifts entice repeat orders and higher sales revenues. The boxes can be made with layers in each layer conveying a host of crucial branding info to customers.

How can your business maintain branding?

Box printing offers a solution to maintaining persistent branding too. All your packaging must communicate similar marketing content for buyers to retain the brand image and be persuaded to buy on a loop.

Custom printing done with the help of professional printing houses provides convenience in designing and printing high-quality boxes. You won’t have to worry about your printing errors or making last-minute adjustments. Every detail can be improved on a soft copy before it goes into final printing.
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Customization gives brands more authority over the number of printed boxes too.


Getting custom printing for beauty boxes is a great way to uplift the brand repute and elevate the sales figures. Now you won’t ever complain about rising competition levels.


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