Housing Pet Rabbit Indoors


Many experts recommend keeping pet bunnies indoors rather than outside Rabbit Indoors in hutches. When you keep your bunny inside with you, there will be more opportunities for social connection,Rabbit Indoors so in addition to being safe from predators and bad weather, your bunny will feel more like a family member as well.

You have a variety of indoor housing alternatives for your rabbit, such as puppy cages, rabbit houses, rabbit enclosures, and plain old rooms that have been bunny-proofed. Below, we’ll go over each choice.

Full Freedom in a Room That Is Bunny-Proof

We prefer to give our pet bunnies free freedom in a space that has been bunny-proofed. We needed to place them in the space that serves as our office.

Their feeding bowls, straw feeder box, and litter box are all located in one area of the room, all of which are set atop a vinyl chair mat that will collect any spills or mishaps. They like having the option to go on leisurely explorations or fast runs whenever they want. If they desire to go away for a time, we give them cardboard castles.

If your pet is showing any signs of illness, make an appointment with your animal hospital Las Vegas, NV.


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