Honda 100 Vs Suzuki 110 | Full Comparison in Pakistan


In the speedy age of our time, there are many models of bikes in the market for customers all over the world. This is good, but however, it can be a little sour because the range of choices confuses consumers about which brand to purchase. The two most well-known motorcycle brands that are used in the motorbike business are Honda or Suzuki. 

Both are well-known among customers for their beautiful designs and high-quality construction. Honda is an incredibly popular Japanese motorcycle manufacturing company that was established in the year 1959. The company produces a wide variety of vehicles that come with a variety of impressive specifications and features. From 1959 until today, the company has awed its customers across the world with its top-of-the-line motorbikes. Also Check: Honda 125 Price in Pakistan

Honda has a group of highly skilled mechanics who possess the knowledge to design and build stunning motorbikes that have the ability to satisfy every need for travel with ease. Honda has manufactured many motorbikes annually to its customers around the world. Honda is one of the companies that have established the concept of luxury bikes.

They began manufacturing them in 1986 under the name of Acura. This company isn’t just recognized for its top-of-the-line bicycles but also other tools such as power generators, garden equipment marine engines and many more. However, Suzuki bikes aren’t less luxurious or sturdy when compared with Honda motorcycles offered in the market. They are also an Japanese company which was established in 1909. Suzuki bikes are well-known with consumers due to their accessibility with reasonable cost.

Suzuki Company is known in the market for its the top of the line four-wheelers and two-wheelers for a long time. The majority of Suzuki automobiles and bikes are made with care and have attractive designs that are adored by the younger generation around the globe. 

When we consider the background of Suzuki, you can notice that they’ve worked hard to develop cars and bikes that are able to meet the various needs of travel of their customers easily. That’s not to say an indication that they have suffered an increase in sales, but they never gave up and continue to make top of the line motorbikes and cars for their clients.

Suzuki company is a group of skilled designers who have developed every company car and bike with a focus on the latest requirements and demands of the younger generation. Suzuki has launched the 110cc Suzuki bike to its consumers under the name of Suzuki GD110 in Pakistan for its customers. 

The 110cc bike comes packed with stunning specifications and features that are popular with young buyers. However, Honda has been dominating the motorbike market with high-end bikes that have robust build quality and efficient engines. Honda has entered the motorbike market of 100cc by introducing the new Honda Pridor 100. 

The 100cc motorcycle from Honda is making a name for itself for quite a long time due to its innovative features and specifications. The Pridor 100 is a model that has gained lots of acclaim in a short period of time for people across the world. There is a lot of confusion about this bike. is which 100cc company bike to purchase? This article I’ll provide a comprehensive review of the two brands of 100cc bikes and reveal which bike the consumer should choose.

If you’re obsessed with 100cc bikes, but are unsure of which kind of 100cc bike is capable of providing you with a comfortable driving experience in a simple way, don’t fret we can assist you with this. The durability of the build, the strong road grip and a superb handling on the bike are some of the qualities both 100cc bikes possess and have made them enjoy a huge amount of recognition from consumers all over the world. So, let’s begin with a comprehensive analysis of these 100cc bikes made by Honda as well as Suzuki.

Engine and the Economy of Fuel:

If we look at the engines in the motorcycles, Honda Pridoris is equipped with a single-cylinder 4-stroke air-cooled 100cc motor, which is connected to a four-speed transmission. The other, Suzuki GD110is powered by a single-cylinder 4-stroke air-cooled 110cc petrol motor that is connected to a four-speed transmission. 

Both bikes can provide excellent fuel efficiency. But, Suzuki GD110 has the capability of delivering fuel efficiency of 40-50 kmpl whereas Honda Pridor can do 50-55kmpl effortlessly. This is a clear indication that Honda outdoes Suzuki in the area of fuel economy, and Suzuki bike is superior to Honda with regards to engine specifications and features.

Building Quality and Graphics

Both bikes are renowned for their design and quality of construction this is the reason the bikes are both highly sought-after by customers across the world. Honda Pridor 100 features appealing images on both the sides and the fuel tank. 

The graphics that is placed on both the tank as well as side covers change each year by the manufacturer, meaning that consumers can purchase an entirely new bike each year, making its overall design appealing and attractive. However, the Suzuki GD110 features a traditional style both on the fuel tank as well as the side covers. The design of the tank as well as sides are not as appealing. Suzuki bike are less attractive when compared to the Honda Pridor.


If we are talking about the gears on both bikes, you’ll be pleased to learn that both 100cc bikes are equipped with four gear transmissions. Users can easily use the gears according to their speed or the road conditions. The gears allow users to keep the efficiency of their fuel bike when operating it at a regular speed. 

The large wheelbase of Suzuki 110cc model in comparison to Honda Pridor 100cc permits the bike to be extremely efficient both in speed and grip on the road. Honda Pridor features a double-cradle framework, while Suzuki GD110 is built with the backbone framework that makes the built quality of both bikes sturdy.


If we look at the features that start on both bikes, it is evident that both 100cc bikes come with kick start. That means the only start feature that is available on both bike is kickstart. There are other brands of 100cc bikes on the market with kick-start and self-start functions. 

This feature of starting is not well-liked by the majority of consumers across the globe, meaning it won’t impact selling and popularity of these motorbikes in the market. There are however, fan-created belief that the feature of self-start may be rolled out by both motorbike manufacturers in the near future.


The weight also plays an important impact on the performance of bikes today. The reason is that when the bike’s weight is too heavy, it will not be able to function efficiently, however it may have a good road grip. When it comes to the weight of both bikes they are they are quite different.

Honda Pridor 100cc comes with the weight of 96kg, while Suzuki GD110 weighs 108kg. Suzuki GD110 comes with 108kg of weight. It is evident that the 110cc Suzuki bike is more powerful than its 100cc counterpart Honda Pridor in terms of weight. This means that Honda Pridor one of the most lightweight 100cc bikes around, and is capable of performing in an impressive way.


If we are talking about the possibility of customizing both bikes, you’ll be happy to learn that consumers can easily modify each bike in a simple way. But, Honda Pridor can be modified more than the Suzuki GD110. 

This is due to the fact that there are a lot of local manufacturers in the motorbike market that are offering different styles of gas tanks, side cover headlights, silencers and many more accessories that are available for Honda Pridor, which the customer can customize their 100cc motorcycle with ease. In contrast Suzuki GD110 can’t be fully customized, as is the case with Honda Pridor 100.

Resale Value:

There are many people around the world who prefer to purchase a bike that is of a premium price for resales. Therefore, when we talk about the resale worth of both of these bikes, it is evident that the Honda Pridor 100 has better selling value opposed to its 100cc counterpart Suzuki GD110. Suzuki 110 Costs around 207000 PKR.

The reason for this is that there are a lot of Honda Pridor fans in the world as compared with Suzuki GD110 enthusiasts. This is due to the fact that Honda Pridor features a much superior design language and performance when compared with its competition.

Colors available:

If we are talking about the color options available in both of these motorcycles, you’ll be pleased to learn that Honda Pridor beats its rival Suzuki GD110, too. Honda Pridor is available by the company in two attractive colours, including black and red, whereas Suzuki GD110 is just available in one color, which includes grey. 

You’ll be happy to know that the price remains identical for both bikes regardless of which color you choose to purchase for yourself. But, there are other brands of bikes that have prices have changed based on the changing of color as determined by the customer.


If we look at the different variations of the bikes, you’ll be able to see the Honda Pridor is just available in one variant. But, Suzuki GD110 comes in two versions, that include GD110 and the GD110s. 

There is only one difference in these versions is the price, and a slight changes in the graphics on the fuel tank as well as side covers. This is beneficial for Suzuki bikers as they’re short on funds or need an automobile capable of satisfy all types of needs for travel with ease and easily choose between the two options.


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