How to straighten Hair with milk?


Mother Nature has her own cosmetics and one of the most popular is milk. Hiar is believed to contain naturally-derived straightening ingredients that work fast and efficiently. Hiar  likely to be in your refrigerator so why not give Hiar the chance? You can save money, avoid damaging your hair by using heat and then straighten Hairs using milk. Refer to Step 1 below for how to begin!

1 Step:

The spray bottle should be filled with 1/3 cup of milk. It doesn’t matter what (fresh) milk is fine however the thicker the milk more solid, the more beneficial. Although it’s not certain, many are of the opinion that coconut is a source of extra power for straightening.

If you decide to make use of coconut milk, you can mix it with the juice of half of a lemon. It should rest in the refrigerator for a while until a creamy layer develops over it. This is the product you’ll like to apply to your hair! Follow the remaining instructions exactly as you would normally.

It is also possible to include a little strawberry, honey, or banana into the mix. Stir it all up and enjoy the moisturizing properties of honey or fruit.

Powdered milk is a less expensive alternative, and it will not spoil as fast!


Apply the milk evenly to your hair. Dry hair or wet hair is best. Keep these tips in your mind:

Make sure to thoroughly coat your head. There’s no way to have half-straight or part-curly hair!

The spray should be applied from the root up to the tip making sure that the tips are equally lacy as the roots.

Spray the top of your head and then flip your head to spray down the middle. Then spray the sides and the middle particularly if you’ve got layers.


Combs tangle your hair using an oversized hair comb. This prevents any of the hair from being in a curled position. It also stops any hair-smoky snarls which will definitely not smell nice the next day.


Massage your scalp frequently and let it rest for about 20 minutes. The milk must have to be soaked into each hair shaft and put it in a heavier position by straightening it. This is a perfect moment to scrub and paint your toes or even shave your legs!


Rinse the milk out, and wash and condition your hair according to your usual. Rinse your hair slightly more frequently than you usually do to ensure you don’t smell like sour milk afterward. Follow your routine as usual.


Let your hair dry. If you have slightly curly hair, this can cause your hair to become straighter However, when you have kinky or curly hair, it may not be as effective. But, it’s healthy and will define your curls and waves even if it’s not straightening it.


It will continue until the next time you wash your hair.

In the event that you observe the guidelines properly, it won’t cause your hair to smell like milk.

You can make use of a blow dryer for drying your hair after washing, however, it’s not required.

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