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Heroine on Strike manga is a new Japanese manga series that follows the story of a group of female engineers who go on strike. The series has been drawing attention for its progressive messages and depictions of female activism. What makes heroine on strike manga so interesting is not just its message, but also its art style. The manga is set in a futuristic Japan, and the characters are designed with an angular, artsy look. This style is deliberately meant to reflect the rebellious attitude of the heroine characters. If you’re interested in progressive manga with a feminist message, be sure to check out heroine on strike manga!

What is the Heroin on Strike manga?

Heroin on Strike is a manga about a high school student named Aya who has been addicted to heroin since she was 15. She’s now 17 and ready to break free from the addiction, but her family and friends are resistant to her plans.

Aya meets up with an old friend named Saki who helps her find a job at a refuge for recovering addicts. She soon realizes that working there is harder than she thought it would be, and the patients are constantly challenging her to relapse.

Despite the obstacles in her way, Aya persists and eventually recovers from her addiction. The manga concludes with Aya celebrating her victory with Saki and some of the other patients at the refuge.

Who is the artist behind Heroin on Strike?

Akiko Shimizu is the artist behind Heroin on Strike, a manga that follows a high school student who becomes addicted to heroin. The manga has been praised for its complex and well-drawn characters, as well as its realistic depiction of addiction. Shimizu is a self-taught artist who began drawing comics in her early twenties. She is currently working on a second volume of Heroin on Strike, which is scheduled to be released in 2018.

What is the plot of Heroin on Strike?

After years of struggling with an addiction to opioids, heroine addict Tia finally decides to get help. She’s been through rehab before, but this time she’s committed to staying clean and sober for good. Unfortunately, her relapse is inevitable – but Tia is determined not to go back down the same dark path that has led her to this point.

Tia starts working at a local nursing home as a cleaner and caregiver, but she can’t shake the feeling that something isn’t right. She soon realizes that the home is actually a front for a large heroin trafficking ring operated by her old friends and dealers from her days using drugs. Tia starts to investigate the ring and soon realizes that they’re only after one thing…her addiction.

Tia knows that if she cooperates with the traffickers, they’ll let her keep using heroin…but she also knows that if she tells anyone about their operation, they’ll kill her. With no other choice, Tia takes matters into her own hands and starts selling heroin on the streets of town in order to finance her investigations. It’s a dangerous game – but Tia is determined to catch the traffickers before they catch up with her.

Why is the manga gaining popularity?

Manga is gaining popularity because it is a medium that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds. It provides an escape from reality, which can be helpful for people who are struggling with life. Additionally, manga is often visually appealing, making it an attractive option for readers.

What are the differences between Heroin on Strike and other manga?

Heroine on Strike is a manga series about a young woman who becomes addicted to heroin and has to fight for her life. The series is unique because it focuses on the challenges of addiction from the perspective of the person struggling with it.

Other manga series that focus on addiction generally follow the story of an individual who is struggling with their addiction and trying to get through rehabilitation or recovery. Heroine on Strike, however, follows the story of a young woman who becomes addicted to heroin and has to fight for her life. This makes the series more realistic, as it takes into account the challenges faced by someone who is addicted to heroin – such as being unable to stop using drugs even when they are in danger of dying from an overdose.

Another difference between Heroine on Strike and other manga series focused on addiction is that Heroine on Strike acknowledges that addiction is a disease. This means that while other manga series may offer hope or encouragement to readers, Heroine on Strike offers a more realistic portrayal of addiction and its effects.


It’s no secret that the world of manga can be quite mysterious and full of intrigue. With storylines that often involve supernatural elements and intricate characters, it’s no surprise that many people have become avid fans of this form of storytelling. If you’re someone who enjoys reading manga but is worried about the impact that its content might have on your mental health, then you’ll want to check out heroine on strike. This manga is a series about high school students who are hit with a government-imposed ban on using any kind of electronic devices for educational purposes.

As a result, their social lives grind to a halt as they’re forced to engage in traditional activities like going out and talking to friends face-to-face. While the ban may seem restrictive at first, it soon becomes clear how much these students need each other in order to stay sane and connected during such an isolating experience. If you’re curious about whether or not heroine on strike might be right for you, then give it a read!


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