Helping Your Child Develop Healthy Vision: At 6 Months Old


The ability to see starts when a person is conceived and slowly develops into infancy throughout adulthood. Though you may think that the sense of sight comes automatically among people, child does not. When you are born, you could not automatically see everything. It is not the way how things are. Babies must develop how to see by undergoing the process of development and growth. This process is the same for walking and talking, right? You need to undergo specific steps to learn to do these things.

But know that parents play crucial roles in the development of these skills, especially seeing. If you are a parent to wonderful little ones, you have the responsibility of helping them develop their ability to see.

Know that when your babies turn six months old, they may start demonstrating skills in using their eyes and hands together. Boost their ability by giving them safe, colorful objects to touch and play with. In addition, support their want to crawl around your home since this activity can support hand and eye coordination. Playing peek-a-boo is another beneficial game for your babies to improve their competency to focus on looking at things.

Do consult your optometry clinic Los Angeles, CA before using any type of medication or eye product on your child’s eyes.


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