Hand Tied Extensions


Hand tied extensions relate to the method of applying the extension, which involves beading the natural hair and afterwards hand-tying the extension weft to it. They don’t require any tape, glue, or heat to make. Similar to the beaded weft method, hand tied extensions are made by attaching beads to a row of a customer’s natural hair.

Wefts are attached to your natural hair with hand tied extensions. To begin, your hairdresser will section your hair. They’ll take little sections of hair one at a time from here. Then they’ll delicately place small silicone-lined beads in the hair and lock them in place. This establishes the foundation on which your extensions will be built. After the beadwork is finished, it’s time to add the hair!

Now, using the beading as a base, carefully connect curtain-like rows of hair. This guarantees that your natural strands do not bear the brunt of the hair weight. To appropriately distribute the weight, your hairdresser will stitch the hair in. Hand tied extensions also provide the hair a secure and even foundation. After you’ve finished the application, nor you neither anybody else would be able to determine it’s not entirely your own!

Your natural hair will determine how much hair you’ll need. What is its thickness, length, and other characteristics? To achieve a completely faultless look, various types of hair will require varying amounts of hair. Those who have thin hair, for example, may want additional hair to hide a receding hairline. Hand tied extensions will give you a more natural-looking look with thicker, more beautiful tresses than you had before!

Hair growth by hand tied extensions

If you’ve been wishing for longer, thicker hair like your favorite celebrities and influencers, we’ve got a secret for you. Hand tied extensions are worn by the most of these personalities. You can achieve your hair objectives with the help of a knowledgeable specialist. Hand tied extensions, when done correctly and by a trained professional, can really help your hair grow.

The quantity of tape-in packets used in hand tied extensions varies depending on the client’s hair density and hair objectives. Apart from the technological differences, there is a time difference between the two methods. In the end, how much time you spend in the chair will be determined by the characteristics of your hair, but a hand-tied session should last between two and two and a half hours, while tape-in sessions can go up to an hour and a half.

Hand tied extensions are far thinner and less bulky than traditional extensions, which can seem unnatural and lend too much volume to delicate hair. Hand tied extensions are far lighter and create less stress on thinning hair than regular extensions, which can harm your hair over time. Hand tied extensions are the best option for a smooth and natural look.

Hand tied extensions are an excellent place to start if you desire thicker, longer, and fuller hair. These extensions do not imply that you neglect your natural hair; on the contrary, they encourage you to pay attention to it. These extensions necessitate a little more attention than natural hair, so you’ll be more inclined to look after your natural hair. Washing, brushing, using a warm air protectant, and avoiding dangerous chemicals are all good ways to care for your extensions, depending on the method you employ. Because you’re taking such wonderful maintenance of your hair extensions, your natural hair should benefit as well!

Long lasting

How you look after your hair after your appointment will determine how long it lasts. Hand tied extensions usually last 6 to 9 weeks before they need to be renewed. However, how long it takes between appointments is determined by how quickly your hair grows and how well you care for it. Hair extensions should last 6-8 months if properly cared for.”

Because the weft may be reused and adjusted as your hair grows, hand tied extensions should last anywhere from 9 months to a year. You may also extend the life of your extensions by properly caring for them! To have the greatest experience with hair extensions, we recommend brushing often, staying away from saline water and pool, using chemical and acid free shampoo and conditioner, and trying to make sure your hair is dry when you sleep.

To relieve strain on the scalp, you’ll also want to make sure you’re scheduling regular maintenance sessions. Getting them moved up and removed in the correct time frame will assist ensure that your hair doesn’t have too much tension as it grows out? If you’re wearing hand tied extensions, then you should detangling, cleaning, and nourishing your own hair.

Is it safe to wear Hand Tied Extensions?

There is a misconception that hand tied hair extensions are dangerous because they take too long to put on and can damage your natural hair in the process. Donor hair, on the other hand, does not affect natural hair. The sole exception may be some sorts of hand tied extensions, which require special adhesive tools. On the contrary, this claim is highly dubious, as beauty clinics only use certified adhesives that are free of toxins and dangerous compounds. As a result, it is clear that there is no need to be concerned. All you have to do now is locate a licensed stylist and wait for him to complete the treatment.

Extensions, in general, cause minor stress to the hair, especially in persons with fine hair. Hand tied extensions cause the least amount of damage of any sort of extension. The extensions will have minimal pull on your roots if put by professionals who know what they’re doing. The number of extensions applied to your natural hair determines the level of problem caused by extensions. If you use a lot of extensions, your hair will become thick and dense. Excessive extensions might cause your natural hair to break since they add extra weight to your roots.

If you’re considering about obtaining extensions, it’s ideal to meet with a specialist who has experience with hand tied extensions and has received qualified training. During this appointment, you should discuss your goals as well as any hair concerns you may have. You can also want to describe your lifestyle, such as how you exercise, and provide photographs of the trends you aim to accomplish. To enhance volume or length, you might wanted to begin with some wefts at first. This allows you to become familiar with the extensions and how to manage them.

What’s the Best Way to Wash Hand Tied Extensions?

Comb your hair thoroughly before washing it with a wide-tooth comb with no balls at the ends. The bead will not be “pulled off” by this comb, and the tapes will not be damaged. Begin brushing at the ends and work your way up, holding each strand. Look for hairbrushes with natural bristles.

The time it takes to style the additional bit of hair and perfectly style it to blend together is why most wearers avoid cleaning their hand tied extensions every day, although it is completely safe to rinse your hair extensions every day.

You should rinse your hair when standing in front of a running faucet. The water should be warm but not boiling. It is banned to knead the shampoo into the skin, massage it vigorously, or scratch it. Apply the shampoo that has already been lathered in your hands to your head, then rinse your hair well. Apply moisturizers and conditioners while taking a step back from the area where the synthetic strands are bonded. Hair masks should also be applied to the ends of the hair rather than the roots, because the ingredients in nourishing masks disrupt the structure of the beads, causing them to dissolve or slide off.

When bathing around the beads, use delicate, gentle movements, just as you would with hand tied extensions. The less disturbed they are, the better. Avoid cleaning the extensions too hard or massage them too intensively.

Is it Worth It to Get Hand Tied Extensions?

That is unquestionably true, as you will see when you consider the advantages. Hair extensions that aren’t tape-ins are stronger and more natural. You won’t be worried about harming your hair by wearing or removing them every day.

There is no doubt that attempting to prolong your hair at least once is worthwhile. Hand tied extensions, on the other hand, will rapidly change you into a long-haired beauty. Furthermore, you may rest assured that you will get the desired result at a reasonable price. This method is simple, and you will have luxuriant hair in a matter of hours, attracting admiring stares from passers-by.

Although beaded weft methods are popular, they aren’t for everyone. Your stylist can advise you on if hand tied extensions are the best option for you. And, while we’re on the subject of stylists, be sure the one you’re seeing is both certified and experienced. Because, in the end, spending money on hair extensions is only worthwhile if the job is performed well and does not require redoing—at least until it’s time to move them up.

How Do You Remove Hand-Tied Extensions?

Of course, if the opportunity arises, it is preferable to seek assistance from an experienced master in order to avoid damaging your natural hair. You can, however, do it yourself if you take the appropriate approach. It’s crucial to keep in mind that the process for removing artificial strands is strongly related to the hand tied extensions method utilized.

With two fingers, grasp the root of your own hair above the ring, and then carefully open the ring in the other direction with pliers. After the ring has been opened, gently pull on the extension, which will come out along with the ring.

Because they are tied, they cannot be trimmed to any length; therefore, you must buy them at the appropriate length. Hand tied extensions will unravel if cut, so if you do cut them, make sure to secure the ends with a powerful liquid glue.

Of course, if the opportunity arises, it is preferable to seek assistance from an experienced master in order to avoid damaging your natural hair. You can, however, do it yourself if you take the appropriate approach. It’s crucial to keep in mind that the process for removing artificial strands is strongly related to the extension method utilized.

Caring of hand tied extensions

It may take some getting used to caring for your fresh hand tied extensions at home, but don’t let that deter you! Most women admit that it’s like being high-maintenance just one or two days a week in exchange for being low-maintenance the rest of the time! You’ll be adjusted to your new habit in no time with a little additional care and attention, especially on wash day. We’ve done our best to lay out the extra actions you’ll need to do between maintenance appointments to ensure your hand tied extensions stay in outstanding shape.

Wash with care (don’t scrub head hardly around wefts). Shampoo will wash through the wefts/rows thoroughly enough that no harsh cleaning is required. Use sulfate-free or low-sulfate products. Unless you’re going under water in a pool or ocean, there’s no need to pack on thick masks/conditioners to the extensions. As long as a serum is applied every day, a spray leave-in conditioner or lightweight material conditioner is fine. When blow drying the hand tied extensions, don’t tug or pull them too hard; instead, aim for 85-90 percent dry before smoothing with a brush.

Your natural hair may require different products or care than your extensions. Make sure you’re looking after them separately. To maintain your hair and the extensions healthy, you should use a heat protectant.

Brush your hair thoroughly individually brush the wefts/rows. To avoid pulling the hand tied extensions unduly, maintain a tight grasp on the base of the extensions. Apply a serum on your hair after brushing to keep it nourished. When swimming or doing any windy activity, keep your hair in a fastened pony/braid. Before swimming in the pool or the ocean, make sure your hair is saturated with conditioner and/or a conditioning mask. Every night, sleep with a low pony or braid and a satin/silk pillow case. Wet hair causes matting and tangling, so never sleep on it.


Hand tied extensions helps your hair growth and they cannot harm your natural hairs. These extensions are long lasting. It is easy to remove these extensions.

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