Things To Know Before Considering Hair Transplant Surgery


Hair Transplant is an important part of our aesthetics & self-esteem. If the hairstyle is right we feel flattered and confident. But when it is a mess, despite trying to cover it up with good attire, somehow things remain ‘not-up-to-the-mark’ and we seem to feel cautious and under-confident. Thus it is clear that hair impacts a lot on our personality which is why adverse conditions like hair thinning, balding etc, which might not be life-threatening, lowers the inner-confidence of a patient. 

Hair loss happens due to several underlying issues, it could be either genetics or a hectic lifestyle. Even severe stress and certain diseases can cause hair thinning which ultimately results in hair loss.  Loss of hair can be treated in various ways and the most advanced and secure process is the hair transplant. You can find a wide number of hair transplant clinics in Kolkata but one needs to choose the best one with top surgeons as it is a very complex procedure and that requires complete medical supervision.

So if you are suffering from patchy hair, baldness and severe hair loss which is taking a toll on your self-esteem then you should consider in Kolkata from a top clinic. But before considering the treatment a patient must be aware of the following factors. 

Here we have jotted down six essential facts that a patient must consider before opting for hair loss treatment in Kolkata.  

Hair Transplant Is A Permanent Process

If you are skeptical about your hair restoration process then let us tell you that a hair transplant is a permanent process and it is indeed a huge decision to take. So if you are looking for a long-lasting solution to your hair loss problems then considering hair transplant in Kolkata will be effective for you.

It Is A Pain-Free Procedure

A lot of time patients are worried about the pain or discomfort associated with surgery but although a hair transplant is a surgical process yet it is completely painless and certain discomforts can be expected. hair transplant in Kolkata  The rate of recovery and the degree of discomfort depends on the surgeon and the process and that is why a good clinic with expert service is essential to conducting the process. 

Go For An Advanced Clinic

While considering hair restoration it is always essential to choose the best hair transplant clinic in Kolkata. A specialized hair clinic is always armed with the latest technical equipment and highly skilled surgeons who are having finest experience in the field of hair restoration. Furthermore, a reputed clinic always maintains standard hygiene protocols which are essential for a complex procedure like hair restoration.

The Process Comes With Some Cons But No Side Effects

  • hair transplant in Kolkata  The best part of the hair transplant process is that it has no side effects but certain measures need to be followed to avoid any complications.
  • As it is a surgical process it will cause some negligible scars which will disappear completely around 8 to 10 months after the procedure.
  • People with genetic hair loss issues will continue to suffer from hair loss even after being treated with an FUE hair transplant in Kolkata. They need to follow strict medications and rules to combat the issue after surgery. Useful tips will be provided by the clinics but hair loss due to genetic disorders can not be cured completely by clinical hair restoration.

Both Natural & Transplanted Hair Will Be Treated As Same

Most of the time people are more concerned about the maintenance process of the transplanted hair. hair transplant in Kolkata Questions that are generally asked by patients after the procedure are as follows

  • What product should be used in the transplanted area?
  • Can I use any styling product ( hair gel) in that area? 
  • Do I have to follow any certain procedure to wash and care for the transplanted area?

But to assure you, all the answers would be No. The transplanted hair is the same as your natural hair and will not need any extra care to maintain it. Once the hair starts to grow you can treat it normally like your normal hair. You can style it, wash it and take care of it as you want as it is a natural part of your body.

Hair Transplant Is Expensive

hair transplant in Kolkata One of the biggest aspects that need to be considered before undergoing the transplant procedure is the associated cost. Hair transplant is a very expensive process but it delivers the finest and most permanent results. hair transplant in Kolkata  So it requires a one-time investment to gain long-lasting results. So evaluating the cost before the process is an important part.


Hope this article has helped you to solve all your queries related to the hair transplantation procedure. If you still have anything in your mind then contact Dr. Pauls anytime and we will be happy to assist you.Call us to know about the Hair transplant cost in Kolkata!


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