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Now, A Metaverse for Cricket Might become Real as GuardianLink Launches Marketplace

As you all have been seeing across the internet, a new NFT marketplace called has been launched by GuardianLink, an NFT application development company based in Singapore. The marketplace platform would be the first step toward their upcoming play-to-earn gaming project Meta Cricket League. According to the official announcement, the NFT cricket game’s ultimate aim is to build a metaverse for cricket and create play-to-earn opportunities for cricket-savvy fans. In this blog, we will see more about the first event on the NFT marketplace portal and the upcoming metaverse cricket game.

What is the Maiden Event on the NFT Marketplace?

On the official announcement that was released earlier this month, the developers said that the NFT marketplace would have its first NFT drop event, calling it “Super Loot.” The drop event to set to happen during mid-April, one of the important months in the cricket world, where many prominent tournaments will be played. The Super Loot is expected to contain NFTs, which might include virtual player cards, energy boosters, in-game tokens, according to some unverified sources online. The sources also say that physical NFT collectibles could also be present as surprising elements among the NFTs. A crucial line that led to all these speculations might be that the NFT drop would have something for cricket, gaming, and NFT enthusiasts.

How Well Can Different Kinds of Potential Buyers Resonate with the Drop?

As far as cricket enthusiasts are concerned, the Super Loot NFT drop brings in a new avenue for them to relinquish their dream of creating a player card collection that they left in their childhood. Also, as the drop is much more about collectibles – mainly a metaverse game, they can also enjoy playing their favorite sport virtually at any time and anywhere. Additionally, the chance to earn while playing entices many fans, as the earnings could serve as a passive income pathway. Also, a cricket fan would not like to miss being a part of history when the process is very simple in the comfort of their home.

When coming to professional gamers, both on blockchain and conventional digital gaming, the NFT drop serves as a great way for them to put a foot into sporting games. Since earning more than what a professional gamer spends might not take a long time, it is also certain that the gamer community awaits the Super Loot drop event. Adding to this, some of the popular gaming pioneers and experts have commented that this NFT drop might have something big given that a metaverse is under creation. Hence, gamers looking for new games could certainly become a part of the Super Loot as expectations on the gaming value the NFTs might provide are sky-high.

Coming to the NFT collectors, their first focus would be on the marketplace platform as they would look upon the possibility of trading the collectibles they could be purchasing. The marketplace looks promising with an attractive user interface while providing an impressive user experience. The NFT items from the Super Loot drop would certainly have an increasing value over time as time goes on and the NFT cricket game kicks alive. As new players get into the gaming platform, the marketplace would suddenly have an influx of players in need of new assets. This is where an NFT collector can quickly score high prices with the collectibles they have bought earlier. Also, most NFT collectors prefer to HODL (a crypto jargon for “Hold” also abbreviated as “Hold On for Dear Life”) their NFT items, since they could brag about those in the real world and have emotions attached to them.

Something About the Developer of the Marketplace Platform

The gaming NFT marketplace and the metaverse cricket game Meta Cricket League are products of GuardianLink, a company based in Singapore with branches globally. The firm is well-known for its previous marketplace project BeyondLife. The marketplace has dedicated portals to the Bollywood icon “Big B” Amitabh Bachchan and the Chakra collection, a superhero NFT collection co-created by Stan Lee who was famous for his Marvel Universe characters. Through these ventures, the brand has become renowned among the NFT community since it first started functioning as a blockchain research and development organization. The company is now striving to create a sporting metaverse dedicated to cricket, beginning with an exclusive gaming NFT marketplace and a drop event as the crown. 

How Could Succeed in Bringing NFTs and Gaming Closer?

As we know, the blockchain gaming industry is already established to a great extent, although it is yet to take over the gaming industry as a whole. This is since existing games have been received well, even with the flaws present in the gaming economy, and the proportion of people not aware or not interested in NFTs further strengthens their hold. Decentralization is the main principle of blockchains, and decentralization in games could prove to be a vital factor. It looks like the NFT marketplace has all the possibilities to revamp the gaming sector as even small changes lead to bigger results. Add to the amount of indirect impact that the drop event is set to produce by making more people learn about NFTs in general and change their perception. Anyway,’s NFT drop would be a win-win situation for both gaming and NFT domains which would be visible in the near future as more people adopt play-to-earn (P2E) gaming as a means of income.

An End Note

Although blockchain gaming is perceived by skeptics as addictive and scamming, the gamers in Indonesia, Brazil, and the Philippines would say otherwise. The words of those gamers are something to believe since their earnings are enough to lead a decent life. Likewise, the upcoming Super Loot drop event is something to be kept in mind since it has all the potential to change some lives for the better and change the perception that sporting games cannot be adopted to the play-to-earn (P2E) model. 


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