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Applying For GMAT? Here are Compete Details about Its Exam Fees



เมื่อคุณสมัครสมาชิกใหม่ คุณสามารถขอรับสิทธิพิเศษโบนัสการฝากเงินครั้งแรกได้สูงสุดถึง 100% รวมไปถึงการฝากเงินในครั้งต่อๆ ไปที่สามารถรับได้เริ่มต้น 10 เปอร์เซ็นต์จากจำนวนเงินฝาก นอกจากนี้ยังมีเงินคืนสำหรับยอดเสียแบบรายวัน และรายเดือน รวมไปถึงเงินคืนสำหรับการทำยอดเทิร์นต่างๆ ในทุกๆ 24 ชั่วโมง เรียกได้ว่าเป็นโบนัสที่ครบถ้วนตามหลักมาตรฐานสากลจริงๆ


ไม่ได้เพียงแค่โบนัส และโปรโมชั่นเท่านั้น แต่สำหรับเว็บตรงสล็อตที่จดทะเบียนถูกต้องตามกฎหมาย พวกเขายังมีรูปแบบของกิจกรรมพิเศษต่างๆ มากมายให้คุณได้ร่วมสนุกต่างๆ ตามหน้ากิจกรรมบนเว็บไซต์ เช่น การทายผลการออกรางวัลต่างๆ เช่น สลากกินแบ่งรัฐบาล หรือผลฟุตบอล หรือแม้แต่การจัดทัวร์นาเม้นสำหรับเกมสล็อตโดยเฉพาะ เพื่อชิงเงินรางวัลมากกว่าล้านบาท

***ในส่วนของโบนัส หรือโปรโมชั่น และกิจกรรมพิเศษต่างๆ สามารถติดตามรายละเอียด และการเปลี่ยนแปลงได้จากการประกาศบนหน้าเว็บไซต์***

The examiners’ fee structures for the GMAT are standardized and charged in U.S. dollars. There are different types of fees for several procedures of appearing in GMAT as well as rescheduling it. If you have made up your mind about making a career in the business world, then getting an MBA degree will prove to be the best decision of your life.

The GMAT exam opens thousands of doors to some top business schools/colleges worldwide. But rest assured, the GMAT is not easy, and you will need expert guidance from time to time to ace this exam. But first, you must find out the fee for different stages of the GMAT exam.

Introduction to GMAT

There are many sources of information on the GMAT. If you are planning to appear in this exam, it is advisable to take advantage of as much help as possible, including the gmat exam fees structure/ details. It is a standardized test and computer-based written examination that assesses an individual’s verbal ability and critical thinking skills.

The exam-conducting authority of GMAT is Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). GMAT scores are accepted for top business schools/colleges all over the globe for 7,000-plus programs. In addition, almost 2,300 plus colleges offer admission into different courses, including MBA and MIM; this means there is an opportunity for everyone.

Exam Fee & Other Charges for GMAT

There are different charges for the application and processing of any rescheduling of the GMAT exam. Therefore, if you are going to appear in this exam, you must fill out these application forms and fees before the closing date for the GMAT exam.

Registration Fee

First, the registration fee is charged for every candidate regardless of whether they want to appear in the GMAT exam. It is a non-refundable charge. Therefore, it is mandatory that every candidate fills up and submits all the application forms and attachments and pays this fee before making an appointment at any testing center or any authorized test center. Generally, the gmat e fee in India is approx. $275 and applies to every student applying for this exam.

Fee for Rescheduling Exam Appointment

If you have important items to do, then it is advisable to reschedule your exam appointment and pay the number of rescheduling fees. Therefore, every candidate must submit their arrival time for their first appointment for appearing in the GMAT exam. The fee for rescheduling your initial appointment will be charged as per the list of fees fixed by the officials of GMAC. The rescheduling fee is as follows:

  • Rescheduling within 14  days of appointment – $150
  • Rescheduling for 15-60 days before the original appointment – $100
  • Rescheduling for over 60 days  before the appointment – $50

You can ask them to reschedule your exam if you need to appear on another date or time after you are registered and take the exam, but don’t forget that it will be a non-refundable fee even if they agree with your request.

Cancellation Fee of Exam Appointment

The cancellation charge for the GMAT exam is non-refundable and is charged if you reschedule your appointment after registering for the exam. It may not be very crucial to pay this amount at first, but it becomes crucial if you reschedule your appointment after registering for the exam. Here’s how the cancellation fee is charged for GMAT:

  • Cancellation within 14  days of appointment – $50 (Refund)
  • Cancellation 15-60 before the original appointment – $75 (Refund)
  • Cancellation for over 60 days  before the appointment – $100 (Refund)

It is important to note that applicants cannot reschedule or cancel their appointment within the first 24 hours of making the appointment. The application form for cancellation charges will be available on the official website of GMAC, and every candidate must fill it out when they want to cancel their appointment. Remember that not paying this charge will mean that your registration will automatically get cancelled.


Now that you know everything about gmat exam fee in india, you can focus on your preparation and plan for your exam. Every candidate must pay some compulsory charges like registration fee, appointment fee etc., whether they will appear in this exam or not. Therefore, just go through the information mentioned earlier to ensure that you are aware of all the fees that are required to be paid, and it will also help you avoid unnecessary expenses.


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