Get Your Dog To Stop Barking – Tips From The Experts


Get Your Dog To Stop Barking

Barking is a way for dogs to communicate what or how they’re feeling, and we’ve become pretty used to it after thousands of years of breeding and raising them. But there are instances when the barking becomes too much, in which case you need to investigate the cause. Observe your dog’s behavior as well as your own. For all you know, you might be the one encouraging the habit.

Do you call your dog’s name often? Do you give it treats even when you don’t have to? Those are some of the things that can trigger a canine to bark incessantly. Call your dog’s attention only when you want to interact with it. Shouting its name when you have no intention of playing with the animal causes confusion.
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It’s the same with treats. If you give it randomly instead of as a reward, the dog remembers it and will demand more.

Fear is also a terrific incentive. When a dog thinks its safety is under threat, barking is its way of sounding intimidating. Of course, there is a difference between a perceived threat and an actual threat. If you’re having difficulty identifying the reason for your dog’s relentless barking, it’s time to involve your vet.
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If you have concerns about your pet’s health and/or behavior, make an appointment with your pet clinic East Gwillimbury.


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