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China’s Top Medical Universities For International Students In 2022

China’s medical schools are attracting attention around the world for their excellent medical facilities, numerous scholarships, and highly trained international medical faculties.

The majority of Chinese medical schools are accredited by the World Health Organization and are listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools. Admissions to Medical Universities in China are easy and tuition fees are lower than in Western medical schools.

In addition, the cost of living in China is significantly lower, which is why many foreign students are interested in studying medicine in China. So what are the best Chinese medical schools for international students?

Best medical schools in China in 2022

1. Shantou University Medical College (SUMC)

2. Nanjing Medical University (NJMU)

3. Zhejiang University School of Medicine (ZUSM)

4. Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University (SHMC)

5. Guangzhou Medical University (GMU)

6. Capital City Medical University (CCMU)

7. Tongji University School of Medicine (TUSM)

8. Jinzhou Medical University (JZMU)

Apply for an MBBS in China!

Best medical universities in China 2022

There are 45 medical schools in China that are approved to offer MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) programs in English. However, these are the best MBBS medical schools in China8

1. Shantou University Medical College (SUMC)

Shantou University logo

Shantou University Medical College is located in Shantou, a beautiful coastal city in Guangdong province. While most MBBS programs in China are six years, the MBBS program at Shantou University Medical School is five years. Read more.

SU Medical College has two campuses. One is where you will spend your first years as a medical student, and the other is where you will receive your clinical training. Using virtual learning tools shared by the University of Alberta and Stanford University, students can simulate medical centers and practice their skills.

In addition to medical theory, students will also receive medical training in the Pearl River Delta and the Hainan region. There is also a Chinese language and culture module.

Classes start in September each year (students can only register once a year).

The deadline for applications is mid-July.

Requirements – mental and physical health

– Good spoken, reading and writing English.

– Valid passport.

– No criminal record

The annual tuition fee is 6.186 USD

Scholarships for outstanding international students.

Apply for the SUMC MBBS program.

2. Nanjing Medical University (NJMU)

Nanjing Medical University is located in Nanjing, a city steeped in Chinese history and culture. It has two campuses. The MBBS program takes six years to complete and has only 100 students. Students can undertake an internship at one of the following institutions

The first hospital affiliated to the University of North-Malaysia

Nanjing University Second Affiliated Hospital

Nanjing First Hospital

Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital

Courses start in September each year (only once a year)**.

Deadline for application – end of June

Eligibility – Applicants must be aged between 18 and 25 years.

– must be in good mental and physical health

– Excellent academic record

The annual tuition fee of US$5,252.

Scholarship Jasmine Jiangsu Provincial Government Scholarship

Applications may be closed early if the required number of applicants is reached before the deadline. Applications will normally be responded to within 4 to 6 weeks after submission.

Apply for the MBBS program at Nanjing Medical University.

3. Zhejiang University School of Medicine (ZUSM)

Zhejiang University is one of the most visited places in Hangzhou by tourists. The medical school offers an internationally recognized MBBS program. The program lasts for six years, including five years of classroom teaching and one year of internship.

As a student, you will go through three phases of the program, which include the following.

1 year of medical preparation

Pre-clinical two years

Clinical three years

One year of internship (under the supervision of a doctor)

Courses start in September each year (only one course per year).

Deadline for applications: mid-July.

Requirements – You must be 18-25 years old.

You must be in good mental and physical health.

Excellent academic record.

You must have a good academic record and be able to demonstrate good physical and mental fitness

6.619.6 scholarships Chinese government scholarships

Apply for Zhejiang University MBBS program.

4. Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University (SHMC)

Shanghai Medical College is part of Fudan University, one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in China. Shanghai Medical College is located in Xujiahui, the business district of Shanghai. The MBBS program at Shanghai Medical College takes six years to complete.

Trainees can choose to spend their training period in China, in their home country or elsewhere. The school will help you find a suitable hospital for your internship.
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If you choose to intern in China, you will be required to take the HSK 5 exam before your internship so that you can communicate effectively with patients. Hospitals affiliated with Shanghai Medical College include

East China Hospital

Shanghai Cancer Center

Eye, Nose, and Throat Hospital

Shanghai Public Health Clinic Center

Classes begin in September each year (only one enrollment per year).

The deadline for enrollment is mid-July

Requirements – native speakers

– previous degree in English

– IELTS level 6, TOEFL qualifying exam

Tuition Fee 11,598 USD/year

Scholarships for outstanding international students

Apply for the MBBS program at Fudan University.

5 Guangzhou Medical University (GMU)

Guangzhou Medical University is located in Guangzhou, one of the three largest cities in China. Having a good campus that serves teachers and students well, the GMU MBBS program lasts for 6 years.

Teaching starts every year in September

Application deadline First week of July

Requirements – Non-Chinese nationality

– Good physical and mental health

– Have completed high school

Tuition $4,639/year

Chinese Government Scholarships

Scholarship from Guangzhou City

Apply for GMU MBBS Program

6 Capital Medical University (CCMU)

Capital Medical University is located in Beijing, China. CCMU has one of the most modern facilities and an international faculty consisting of 994 associate professors and 548 professors, CCMU’s MBBS program lasts for 6 years.

1 year Bachelor’s degree

2 years of undergraduate medical education

2 years of clinical medicine

1-year internship

Students can complete an internship at one of the university’s 14 affiliated hospitals. CCMU has an excellent reputation for scientific research, including traditional Chinese medicine and basic medicine.

CCMU also collaborates with international educational institutions in more than 20 countries and offers various student exchange programs.

Classes start every year in September

Application deadline First week of June

Requirements – Pre-medicine program lasting one semester (2 admissions, March and June).

– Age from 18 to 40 years old

– Have completed secondary education

– Must be proficient in English

Tuition fee is 7,732 USD/year

Beijing Government Scholarship Award

To apply to CCMU’s MBBS program.

7. Tongji University School of Medicine (TUSM)

Tongji University School of Management is located in Shanghai, the financial capital of China, TUSM’s MBBS program lasts 6 years.

At TUSM, you can study with dedicated faculty members, participate in research and clinical rotations at the country’s top research groups and affiliated hospitals, and earn a globally recognized medical degree.

You will enjoy vibrant campus life and meet students from all over the world. TUSM’s primary goal is to train doctors who can provide effective and ethical healthcare in today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment.

Teaching starts every year in September

The application deadline is May 1.

Requirements – IELTS level 6, TOEFL exam.

– 18 to 25 years old

– have completed secondary education

Tuition fee is 6,959 USD/year

Entrance Scholarship

Dean’s Scholarship

Tongji University Presidential Scholarship

Shanghai Municipal Scholarship (Category C)

Apply for admission to TUSM MBBS program.

Jinzhou Medical University (JZMU)

JZMU is located in the city of Jinzhou in Northeast China, the MBBS program at JZMU lasts six years including a one-year internship. The internship takes place at the First Affiliated Hospital of Liaoning Medical University.

Teaching starts every year in September

The application deadline is at the end of August

Requirements – Physical and Mental Health

– Must be between 18 and 25 years old

– High school diploma with no criminal record

Annual tuition of $5,412

Chinese Government Scholarship

To apply for the JZMU MBBS program.

Apply for MBBS in China!

You will never regret studying MBBS in China. Read our MBBS guide, choose a university, apply for your next MBBS offer and start your medical career.


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