Fundly Review – Is Fundly Right For Your Fundraising Needs?


You can easily raise money using Fundly, and you can easily customize your fundraising campaign with it. This site offers tools to help you make your online donation into social donations, and it also lets you thank donors. This can help your cause get more exposure and generate more money. While it is true that most crowdfunding platforms will take a cut of the money you raise, there are many who do not. This platform is a great choice if you need to raise a large amount of funds.

Fundly charges 4.9% of the total amount you raise, plus a 2.9% credit card processing fee. It also charges $0.30 per transaction. This is more expensive than some other crowdfunding platforms, but it is standard in the industry. Besides, some crowdfunding platforms may only charge flat rates and have no processing fees at all. This means that you can save a lot of money by using Fundly. Just remember to set your fundraising goals and stick to them.

Fund has a simple pricing structure, which makes it a great choice .

For those who are just starting out in social fundraising. The company charges a 4.9% platform fee for the service, as well as a 2.9% credit card processing fee. For each transaction, you’ll pay $0.30. This is a small price to pay for the convenience of this service. There are a number of other crowdfunding sites out there, so it’s important to choose the right one for your needs.

Fundly has a mobile app for users, which makes it easy to manage your campaign wherever you are. In addition, there is no deadline for your campaign to be complete. Once your fundraising campaign has reached the target amount, it remains live until you decide to turn off donations or remove it. The user-friendly interface of Fundly is a great benefit for anyone who wants to start raising money online. The platform allows you to encourage friends and family to donate as well.

Fundly has an easy-to-use pricing model that allows you to create and manage your online fundraising campaign.

The platform charges a flat 4.9% platform fee and 2.9% credit card processing fee, with an extra $0.30 charge for each transaction in Australia. These fees are reasonable and can be a great value for the small cost of a Fundly campaign. The most important feature is the ability to share your fundraising campaign with friends and colleagues.

Fundly offers a low-cost crowdfunding platform that helps organizations raise money online. Charities, non-profits, and clubs can create campaigns and promote them on the site. The website has a variety of free templates, which makes it easier to customize your fundraising campaign to fit your goals. If you choose to use it, you can set up an unlimited number of social networks for your fundraising campaign. The system even allows you to set up an email address so that donors can easily contact you and donate to your campaign.

You can create your Fundly campaign using a mobile application .

That will allow you to manage your campaign from anywhere. The best part about Fundly is that it doesn’t require any marketing skills. Your fundraising campaign will stay live until you turn off donations or delete it. The interface is very easy to use and enables you to easily share your fundraising campaign with your friends and family. This will allow you to get more donations and improve your chances of achieving your goals.

Fundly offers free and paid campaigns, depending on how big your campaign is. You can choose how much you’d like to raise for your fundraiser. It is free to start a fundraising campaign and receive automatic updates. You can also get support from a customer service representative if you run into problems. If you have a smaller campaign, it’s better to choose a platform with automatic discounts. These fees are a part of the crowdfunding industry and are standard.
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You’ll find that some other crowdfunding platforms don’t charge a non-completion fee.

Fundly is a popular crowdfunding site that provides a simple and straightforward fundraising platform.

You’ll pay a platform fee of 4.9% of the amount you raise, as well as a 2.9% credit card processing fee. There is also a small fee for promoting your campaign through email and social media. You can also promote your campaign using social networks, but if you’re not sure how to get started, you can check out the free tutorials to get started.


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