Fully automatic washing and steam cleaning


Washing and cleaning cars is work because you have to pay attention to detail. Due to the intense usage of your car, a lot of dirt, oil, dirt, salt, grease and more ruin the beauty of your car. Rinsing with water and using a washing machine is normal, but if you try to do Bil rengøring yourself, you will not get the desired results.

If you’re using a washer and dryer, you need to be extra careful because too much pressure can damage your car’s paint. The best way to clean your Bil rengøring without damaging Bil rengøring is to use a steam cleaner. It is a one-time investment every time you wash your car.

Steam cleaners use water heated to about 300°F to remove dirt and grime. The high temperature of the steam breaks the bond between the occupants and your car, removing any grease. By adjusting the amount of steam coming from the machine, you can clean different parts of the car without much effort. You can get your car professionally cleaned by using a professional car cleaning machine without the high fees of a car wash.

The big advantage of using steam is that you don’t

 Need any other chemicals to clean the stains. You can also clean the interior of the car with a steam cleaner. To ensure a complete clean, it is better to start from the inside, starting with the passenger seat. You should use appropriate brushes and wipes to remove dirt left on the vehicle. Once you have cleaned all the interior parts like seats, carpets and curtains, you can hot steam clean the outside of the car.

Steam cleaning is one of the most effective and efficient methods for home, commercial and industrial applications. This is the best choice in cleaning chemicals and is designed for multiple cleanings with endless benefits. It allows for the removal of dirt and grime, the cleaning and dulling of surfaces and the cleaning of surrounding areas.

Steam cleaners do not use chemicals in the cleaning process. safe for use; It is environmentally friendly and proven effective in removing dust and dirt as well as other toxic waste and allergens.

How does it work?

Steam filters work by converting water through a heat exchanger to steam heated to 4- 10 bar pressure at 145-180°C to produce strong water droplets that penetrate the surface. A good cleaning tool that cleans better than old mops, cloths and chemicals.

Also, steam cleaning is the best option for those who are sensitive to chemicals. No medication is used; Remove residual chemicals and odors during surface cleaning and disinfection.

What can steam cleaners do?

Steam cleaners can be used for a variety of cleaning purposes. These innocent people –

 Dream of millions and savings on bedding, clothing, carpets and storage without harmful chemicals.

 Perfect tool for car cleaning and detailing. Using a steam cleaner makes it faster to clean the inside and outside of your car. Remove stubborn stains such as grease from commercial ovens. Return tools, equipment and machinery; Seat belt cleaners are safe, lightweight and efficient.

 Good for cleaning putty, removing soap scum, dirt and grime and killing germs in bathrooms. Steam cleaning is the easiest way to clean a bathroom.

 Best things to kill plants. New pot removal technology can effectively remove up to 700 pieces of pot per hour from walkways, walkways, driveways, concrete and even carpets under tables and chairs.

 Clean, sanitize and sanitize without chemicals. This is the best cleaning option to save time, labor and chemicals.

Steam cleaners make it easier for homes, hospitality, healthcare, schools, nursing homes and laboratories, food and beverage industries, cleaning industry work and machinery. Just get a Technavio steam cleaner when cleaning is needed and it will automatically work on everything quickly and efficiently.


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