Different Types of Fruit Basket


Fruit baskets Uk are a great way to send someone a well-thought-out gift in the mail. These types of gifts can be delivered by mail or hand-delivered by the person receiving them! There are countless different ways they can be decorated, with some even offering special accessories like fruit hamper sauce. Make sure to ask what kind of fruit baskets your loved one likes because that will help you choose which one you want to send them! You can send fruit baskets UK online

Options are abundant for what type of fruit basket you should get for someone. If they’re into tropical fruits, then maybe a pineapple coffee table book basket is in order. Or, maybe they’re on the refined side of things and would love a variety of different fruit baskets.

Here are 10 types of fruit baskets that you may want to consider for that special someone!

1. Hummingbird Fruit

This is a traditional basket with hummingbirds printed on it! This fruit basket is filled with many different kinds of tropical fruits, like mangoes, papayas, starfruit and more.fruit hamper the perfect choice for someone who enjoys the summer season while they still have time to enjoy classically seasonal fruits during the winter months. It’s also a great gift because it’s easy to decorate!

2. Pineapple Coffee Table Book Basket

This fruit basket is perfect for that person who loves the traditional taste of pineapple! It’s filled with different types of pineapple such as mini pineapples, pineapple wedges and pineapples in a jar. This fruit basket is easy to decorate, and the person receiving it will be very happy with it!

3. Grapefruit Fruit Basket

This basket is filled with grapefruits for that person who loves grapefruits over all other citrus fruits! It also comes with mini grapefruit wedges and fresh grapes. This fruit basket is a great choice for someone looking for something natural but still fun to decorate!

4. Apple Fruit Baskets

This fruit basket is perfect for someone who loves apples because it’s filled with different varieties of apples like Honeycrisps and Galas. This fruit basket is also made out of wood, so you can easily decorate it yourself!

5. Orchard Fruit Basket

This fruit basket is filled with different types of orchard fruits such as oranges, tangerines and grapefruits. It’s an awesome choice if someone you’re sending a fruit basket to likes their citrus fruits but also has a sweet tooth! It’s also a great choice because it has peels, stems and seeds in the basket.

6. Basket of Berries

This fruit basket is filled with blackberries, blueberries and raspberries for someone who’s down to earth! It’s also a great choice because it has two layers of these berries so you can decorate the bottom layer.

7. Pineapple Fruit Basket

This large pineapple fruit basket is filled with pineapples, cactus pears and succulent pears! This fruit basket is perfect for that person who loves tropical fruits above all else. It’s also a great choice because it comes with a mini pineapple!


There are various kinds of fruit hampers UK out there, and these are only some of the most popular ones. Filling a basket with fruits is a great way to send an Easter gift in the mail, but it’s also easy to personalize. You can choose what kind of fruits your loved one likes and change up the design of the basket!
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