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If you are interested in how to download YouTube videos, this article is for you. In this article, we will review the best YouTube video downloader applications. We will also discuss additional tips such as how to use and benefit from these video downloading shortcuts without paying for them.

2 Ways YouTube Video Downloader

  • Ymate

Ymate is a very good YouTube video downloader at the present time. Ymate video downloader can download your favorite videos on YouTube. It gives you the best experience of downloading YouTube videos in various formats and resolutions, who will love to download English german, or Hindi movies on YouTube, maybe mp3 songs or other types of movies to their smartphones, tablets, computers, and other devices.

What is Ymate?

Ymate has a nice user interface that will make it easy for anyone to use the software. The program does not have any complex settings or options; everything is simple and straightforward. The software only comes with one option: “Download.” This means that there are no other options available in Ymate like “Convert” or “Start Downloading.” There is also no way to change the quality of a particular file since all downloads are done through this single option.

There are no advanced features to speak of here because Ymate does not have any other options besides “Download.” However, this does not mean that Ymate is lacking in features; it simply means that there are no advanced features available for easier access in this program

Why is it used and so popular?

The app is very easy to use and it is so popular because of its user interface.

Ymate is a very easy-to-use YouTube downloader, which allows you to easily download videos from your favorite channels. You can simply paste the link of the video into the app, and it will automatically detect the quality of the video so that you can decide whether you want to save it or not.

The app also has a built-in feature called “download history”, which allows you to see all of your previous downloads in one place. This makes it easier for users who want to save their favorite videos for later viewing.

  • Y2ate

Y2ate is a YouTube and music downloader. It’s a very easy-to-use app that lets you download any Youtube or Music Videos. You can also download videos by searching on Youtube with keywords or keywords related to your own interests, such as Food, Travel, or Sports.

How to use it?

YouTube and other services, such as SoundCloud, Vimeo, and many others.

Y2ate was designed by a young developer named Francois Cagnon. He started developing Y2ate when he was 16 years old. He has since developed it into one of the most popular YouTube downloaders on the market today.

The app supports MP3, MP4, WebM, AVI, and MKV formats. You can also use it to download subtitles and audio tracks from YouTube videos in various languages. If you want to convert your files into another format or simply save them for later use, this tool will let you do so easily.

Why Y2ate is so popular all over the world?

It’s a very easy to install and stable application for downloading videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, Google Video, Metacafe, and many other video-sharing sites.

The program has been developed by the developers of, which is one of the most popular downloaders in Russia. The program has already received many positive reviews on various forums and websites.

Y2ate provides you with a lot of options for downloading videos from YouTube and other video sites. You can choose any format (MP3, MP4, 3GP, or AVI) or resolution (smallest size).
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There are also more options such as “Download as MP3”, “Download as MP4”, “Download as 3GP”, or “Download as AVI”. You can also set the quality of video files before downloading them so that they will be downloaded faster than other formats. the MP4 format requires much more time to download because it contains multiple streams at once.


There are plenty of YouTube downloaders out there, but not many that work with HD videos. I also tested it with 1080p

video and it worked perfectly. It’s very easy to use and looks pretty simple too. It’s free to download and use so there is no harm in trying it out.


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