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While Craigslist has been offering free posts for many years, the classified advertisements website now charges $5 to $75 per specific postings. But don’t worry, here’s a list of download sites for the best Craigslist posting software that will fulfill all your requirements access to select features that will not only make your ads stand out from the rest but also fetch you an increased number of prospective buyers.

  1. Craigslister eAssistant

Known for its user-friendly interface and several other features, Craigslister eAssistant is one of the best-reviewed posting software and a favorite among many. It offers a bypass to captcha and Craigslist’s own Auto Dupe Catcher that checks for unique content. It provides:

  • Various templates.
  • Allowance for multiple accounts.
  • A built-in IP changer.
  • Exceptional YouTube support that lets you upload video ads.

The software can post an ad in 361 cities within 30-60 minutes. While the text ads cost 1 credit, the video ads cost 5, but if you are someone who’s comfortable running registry files, you can quickly get an instant 10000 credit every time you run this:

2. CL Ad Blaster

 Posting to Craigslist can be time-consuming and tricky. If you frequently post in a specific period, you can be reported or flagged as well. CL Ad Blaster is the ultimate solution to this problem. This powerful tool will save your time and help you grow your business effortlessly. Post an ad just once, and the software will take it from there. Get your ads renewed, just as they expire, and published in different cities at the same time automatically with this 24/7 working tool.

3. Craigslist Auto Ad Poster


Prominent among property dealers, Auto Ad Poster helps you propel your Craigslist visibility in the right direction and sell off your property with multiple ads, visible across bulletins of several locations. The tool provides you with accounts for emails and advertisements. It also offers a unique feature of ad variation, letting you access more than 1000 variations of your ads to test and run.

4. ESC Ad Poster

ESC Ad Poster is a full-fledged multipurpose tool, mainly used for posting ads to multiple bulletins. An extensive database of over 300 bulletins allows you to reach a wider audience of ads and posts. Accompanied by an easy-to-use interface, the software takes in your contact information and provides easy access to your clients.

5. CL Ad Genius

Are you worried about creating accounts and not being able to do the right thing? Then CL Ad Genius is here to save your day. Take the work out of posting and make your frustrations a thing of the past. Hold power to create, verify and re-verify your Craigslist accounts in your hands with this comprehensive tool. As the name suggests, this works like a genius – multiplying your one ad into infinite different ads and letting you customize marketing to endorse your products in locations where you’d wish.

Along with Craigslist, you also get to place your ads across eBay and BackPage. The auto posting software renews your ads regularly, bypassing any potential ghosting or flagging. In addition to it, you get a scheduling tool to decide when, where, and how frequently you want your ads published.

6. Craigslist Bot Pro

Craigslist Bot Pro allows for automation of your personal as well as online business advertisements. You can post multiple ads and manage them in just a few clicks. The software best suits professionals in industries like Real Estate, Recruiting, Auto Dealers, Business to Business, etc. The tool is mainly dominated by HRs, owing to its ease of posting the requirement of any position in a company. One looking for a job is probably to get on from here.

7. Craigslist Classified Ad Posting Utility

Many ad posting software publishes multiple ads on various bulletins but stops right there, where Craigslist Classified Ad Posting Utility stands out. The tool ensures your ad reaches the maximum number of potential clients by customizing your ads. It helps you publish creative and conspicuous ads that one certainly cannot ignore. With this powerful tool, you can art your ads without learning any coding. Its services include:

  • Built-in editing tools.
  • An ad repository with a capacity of more than 200.
  • Sample ads that can be used as templates if you are a beginner in the advertisement realm.

Based on Microsoft Office, this software can be utilized to create ads for other posting sites. The utility is completely free to use and will suffice to make your gigs skyrocket. 


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