Free ad supported TV – boosting revenue and helping attract new customers


Free ad supported TV or fast refers to a content delivery method that offers free content to the viewers like a normal television. Viewers are provided with a television basic content watching experience that allows content producers. And OTT platforms to generate revenue based on advertisements rather than subscriptions. Companies have started to adopt this model to generate revenue from customers. Who wish to view free content and would require a more traditional TV-watching experience.

Linear watchable content is made available to the viewers. That are completely free and the ads are provided before or after the videos. Mimicking traditional cable television, the free ad supported TV base method allows producers to generate revenue through simple advertisements.

What are the main features of the Free Ad Supported TV-based model?

1. Completely free:

FAST as a revenue-generating model is completely free. Necessary linear programs and content is make available to the viewers. That provide a traditional TV watching experience that is completely free to view. With advertisements as their main revenue, other types of subscription-based monetization solutions are eradicate. Customers are provided with free content to watch. Also the content producers and OTT platforms earn its revenue only through sponsorship and advertisements. 

2. Advertisement rather than a subscription-based model:

Linear viewer-based content is make available that is completely free to watch. Moreover, content producers and online OTT platforms make use of advertisement rather than subscription-based models for generating revenue. A database of movies, videos, news, and other TV channels are made available that are completely free. Relevant content is made available which helps in generating revenue through dedicate advertisements. That are play before, after, and while consuming the content as well.

3. Retaining as well as attracting new audience:

The advertisement-based model that makes available free content helps in attracting a new audience to the online content and OTT platforms. Free content can help in attracting a new audience and therefore enable the OTT platforms. And content producers to generate revenue from the advertisements. As delivered by various channels and sponsors.

Moreover, the existing audience can be retain as well by providing free content. Providing them a respite from a subscription-based model and paying the necessary monthly amount. Viewers are provided with free content that they can watch.

Apart from all the dedicated features mentioned above. The free ad supported TV-based model is not completely dependent upon advertisements for generating revenue. Certain OTT platforms have created separate low subscription plans. Which call for paying a low amount for a monthly subscription to watch advertisement-based content.

Moreover, free ad supported streaming offers a traditional TV watching experience. That allows users to watch the online content available rather than depending on video-on-demand content. Whatever is available and being stream has to be watch by the viewers but for completely free. Free Ad supported TV or FAST is use by various OT companies and content producers to attract new viewers. As well as generate more revenue through various means as compared to traditional subscription Ad-based models.


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