Pink Color Can Be Dominating While Food Custom Packaging


The Food Packaging is more than just putting a product in the box and setting it for display. There are a lot of factors that are needed to be pondered upon while choosing or designing perfect and effective packaging that satisfy all the packaging need. What a company expects from packaging is the protection of the product from any kind of mishandling during shipping, and protection from water, moisture, and weather conditions that can ruin the product.

Besides protection, a brand wants to represent the image and worth of the company through attractive and beautiful designs, quality of the material used to make boxes, and colors that influence the human mind and let them feel someway when they see their product. Food boxes need a different strategy while packaging. Things that people put in their body are expected to be healthy and safe, especially when it is store-bought. To make customers feel comfortable and build trust, packaging must be chosen that gives a feeling of well-being. 

Color Psychology:

Packaging, especially the choice of colors for the boxes, gives you the power to let people see what you want them to see and make them feel what you want them to feel. Understanding color psychology is important for successful custom packaging as a poor color choice can lead to failure.

The need for Correct Colors:

Your product must stand out on the shelf between other products and set your product apart from others. Just like how the surroundings affect your mood and emotions and make you feel comfortable or irritated, colors influence human sentiments. Some colors like red arise the feeling of warmth, hostility, or anger, and on the contrary blue or pink color sparks a sense of calmness, love, and tenderness.

When you enter a store and walk towards the cereal boxes aisle, you see a flash of all the bright and vibrant colors, and your eyes pop open making you feel excited and fresh. You start to feel refreshed and energetic.

Packaging and Color:

Marketing is all about the appearance of the boxes and how effectively you use colors and design to attract the target audience to your product. The packaging is widely known for utilizing color psychology. In fact, companies that are so picky and sensitive about how their product looks out there in the market among others, and what impact they leave on consumers when they see it. Heavily invest in the research of color psychology before creating custom designs.

Psychological Effects of Colors:

These are some common psychological effects of colors on the human mind.


  • Purity
  • Innocence
  • Cleanliness


  • Power
  • Authority
  • Strength


  • Warmth
  • Love
  • Anger
  • Energy and excitement


  • Gentleness
  • Calmness
  • Tenderness
  • Care
  • Beauty
  • Inspiring

Pink color and Packaging:

Colors are chosen to keep these factors in mind to get the full effect of it in marketing, advertising, arising emotions in customers, and grabbing attention. If you are planning to introduce the best cereal boxes in the market, you better check these points and design them accordingly.

Target audience:

Pink is the favorite color of people of all ages in different shades. Shocking pink attracts kids, and young girls, light and pastel pink gives a pretty and compassionate vibe to adults. The colors used for cereal packaging are bright and vibrant. Shocking pink paired with bright yellow or orange and green grab the attention of kids from far away. Companies understand that it is the first thing a child would see in a box as they never read the stuff.


The message you want to convey to the customers through your packaging is depicted through the colors used on the box. Food Packaging can be of love, well-being, health, luxury, and quality. For example, light shades of pink in contrast with white and off-white for custom-printed cereal boxes for adults give the feeling of elegance, cleanliness, sophistication, and luxury.

Cultural meaning: Understanding the aesthetic preference of the target audience is essential as different colors in different cultures represent different meanings. The color that represents peace may depict something negative in other literature, and such a mistake can cause a lot of damage to the brand and can even cause more significant issues. For example, the psychology of the color pink differs in different cultures


  • Caring
  • Nurturing
  • Love


Feminism or feminine



Used correctly for girls and products made for girls are packed in pink to make it particular.


Well-liked by both genders male or female.

A box of cereal packed in pink color will not be picked by a girl only, boys like it too and will feel no shame in having it while in other cultures a male can be laughed at for choosing a pink color.


A little effort and research while designing packaging for those little cereal boxes would not hurt you, instead will make your packaging more effective and robust. This cannot be denied that colors do not play any role in targeting customers and their purchase behaviors. It profoundly impacts the way people look at things with different colors. It happens all the time that one thing that looks disgusting in one color looks so pretty in another color. Not to forget when it comes to food colors play a massive role in increasing or decreasing appetite. Making a wise choice can lift up your packaging game to the top by little effort.


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