Fix: TP Link AC750 Extender Internet Orange Light Issue


Are you again and again seeing orange color light on the internet LED of your TP Link WiFi range extender? If yes, then it means that your TP Link device is facing some technical issues. But, you don’t have to worry! This post will help you troubleshoot the issue on the fly. Follow the fixes highlighted below and know how to get rid of “TP Link AC750 extender internet orange light” issue.
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Let’s start over!

Before we provide you solutions, let us make you familiar with the reasons why you are getting the issue.

From improper TP Link AC750 setup to outdated firmware, there can be many reasons behind the issue. Another reason can be wrong extender placement to loose cable connections. No matter whatever reason is causing the issue, the fixes provided below will surely help. Keep scrolling down!

TP Link AC750 Internet Orange Light IssueThe Fixes

Fix 1: Check the Cable Connection

The first fix to troubleshoot “TP Link AC750 extender internet orange light” issue is to check the cable connection you have made between the extender and router. If it is loose, then you are surely going to bump into many technical-related issues apart from “TP Link AC750 extender internet orange light” issue.

Want to get rid of it? Yes? Then ensure to make a finger-tight connection between the devices.

Wait! What about the Ethernet cable you are using? Is it fine? Means, it does not have any sort of cuts and damages, does it? If the Ethernet cable is fine, then you are free to use it. Else, replace it or connect your extender and router using a wireless source.

Fix 2: Configure the Device in a Proper Way

If your TP Link WiFi range extender isn’t configured in a proper way, then nothing can stop you from getting “TP Link AC750 extender internet orange light” issue.

To get it fixed, first reset your device and then perform the TP Link AC750 setup process from the scratch. The good news is that – you can also configure your AC750 by applying the instructions provided on TP Link app. But, first you need to download and install the correct version of TP Link app.

Note: This is one of the easiest methods to perform TP Link AC750 setup

Fix 3: Restart Your TP Link Extender

Restarting is also the coolest method to fix “TP Link AC750 extender internet orange light” issue. So, unplug your extender, wait for a few minutes, and then plug it back in again.

The internet LED on your TP Link AC750 extender will become stable upon blinking green.

Fix 4: Keep WiFi Interference at Bay

Another reason behind “TP Link AC750 extender internet orange light” issue is the WiFi interference. Perhaps your TP Link extender is placed near to Alexa devices, baby monitors, gaming consoles, Bluetooth speakers, electronic gadgets, and kitchen appliances. Or, it (the extender) is placed in corners and near to thick walls or windows.

Therefore, to fix “TP Link AC750 extender internet orange light” issue is to plug in your device that is away from the obstructions outlined above.

Fix 5: Update TP Link AC750 Firmware

Yes, you read it right! Outdated firmware can also cause “TP Link AC750 extender internet orange light” issue. To get it fixed in a flash, visit the firmware update page of your AC750 device using and follow the instructions to complete the TP Link extender setup process.

The minute you are done with updating TP Link extender firmware, see the status of the internet LED on your AC750 device.

To Conclude

Facing “TP Link AC750 extender internet orange light” issue might ruin the internet experience of many users. But, after following the fixes provided above, trust us, you will think that why wouldn’t you get this troubleshooting post earlier.


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