Fashion retouching service


Fashion is an image of beauty and grace. Attractiveness becomes the center of attraction. The attention is attracted by the continuity of protuberant lines, and the uniformity of bright spot light in the face. But unfortunately, the most beautiful girl on earth will experience the mysterious power and influence of black magic in the future, even though it looks very beautiful.

Body retouching

Our body retouching service is the perfect companion to our body reshaping and body sculpting services. Our professional photo retouching artists can remove unwanted cellulite and stretch marks from your images. We can also slim your arms and legs, reduce flabby stomachs, boost busts and enhance cleavage!

Our expert photo editors have years of experience in the field of digital makeup. They use the best techniques to ensure that their work looks natural and beautiful.
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Many women suffer from unsightly stretch marks on their bodies. While many people grow to accept them, they are still something that they would rather not have. They are especially uncomfortable in bikinis or other revealing clothing.
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Our professional photo editing service can easily remove any unwanted cellulite or stretch marks from your images. We will ensure that your skin looks smooth and flawless!

Face retouching

Face retouching is a very important part of professional photography.

The face is usually the most important part of a portrait. It is what captures the viewers attention and communicates a message. That’s why it’s essential to retouch and beautify faces in order to create truly stunning photos.

At Clipping Path India, we are experts at face retouching and bring out the best in every photo. We use the most sophisticated tools and techniques for skin smoothing, teeth whitening, eye enhancement, feature enhancement, hair editing and more.

Skin retouching

Skin retouching is a must in portrait photography. The technique is a complicated one since it consists of many steps and requires attention to details. Retouching skin is a great way to enhance the beauty of the photo, make it more impressive, and at the same time deliver a natural look.

We know how to make your photo look natural but still amazing. Our experts have extensive experience in skin retouching. We have been retouching photos for years, so our product is always of high quality. This includes removing blemishes, acne and other imperfections, correcting uneven skin tone, smoothing wrinkles, enhancing the eyes and lips.

Eyes retouching

Our eyes retouching service is used to clean up photos of people, in order to remove blemishes and other marks that can detract from their overall appearance. This is a common service that’s often used with portrait photography, in order to make the model look as good as possible.

While most of our clients are private individuals who want their photos touched up for personal reasons, we also work with professional photographers who need high quality editing services for their business. We are able to work on all kinds of images, covering a wide range of different types of retouching.

Hair retouching

Hair retouching is one of the most difficult tasks for a photographer. Even if you take a perfect photo, stray hairs and strands can cause problems with the final product. The most common hair retouching technique is to use the Photoshop clone stamp tool. This allows you to paint over stray hairs. With enough time and patience, you can achieve a perfectly smooth result with this technique. But it takes a lot of work, and if you don’t have enough time or experience, it will likely be incredibly frustrating for you.

Hair retouching isn’t just about removing stray hairs and fixing flyaways, though. It is an important part of any beauty photo editing process, as it can remove split ends, change hairstyle and color, add volume and density to thin hair and even make hair extensions look real!

Clothing retouching

We offer an excellent photo retouching service for clothing, especially for clothing ecommerce websites. We provide services for all kinds of apparel, including shirts, jackets and dresses.

We can process images quickly, with a fast turnaround time. We can also offer bulk discounts if you have large numbers of photos to be retouched.

With our clothing photo editing service, we can get your images looking their best in no time at all, so you can start selling your products and make more sales.


We provide individual attention and you get a high-quality product. We specialize in color correction, removing blemishes on skin and creating an even tone. You can count on us to make your images look polished with beautiful results.


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