Famous Space Movies Of 90s Cinema


In the 90s, sci-fi movies stuck out at a new height. The latest technology like visual effects and CG-character brought a revolution in cinema. With the increase in technology, the standard of cinema also increased. 

Though technology is very important, its story and character determine whether the film will do good business or not. In this blog, you will get to know what space movie came out in 1992.

Here are the 8 best space movies that are defined cinema throughout the 90s:


This genre is one of its types and depicts genetic engineering technology that allows parents to choose traits for their offspring, from sex to eye color before they are even born. It came out to be a unique idea and explored at full potential. It is a perfect sci-fi astronaut movie that everyone should watch once.

The Fifth Element

This movie will make you curious and full of excitement at the same time. It was a perfect storm of cinema with very good acting by Bruce Willis supported by veteran actor Gary Oldman and a perfect comic by Chris Tucker. Whether it’s a spaceship battle in orbit, okhatrimaza, car chasing scenes through smog, or an overcrowded city, this movie will give you every kind of entertainment.

Terminator 2: Judgement day

There were many sci-fi films in the 90s, but this movie marked a massive trademark in the cinema. The director of this film James Cameron tried a courageous move and was the first to use CG for characters instead of backgrounds, and that came out to be a successful experiment. This movie is considered the best sequel made.

Gremlins 2: The New Batch

After the Kingston falls complete commotion in Gremlins. In this movie, the young couple Billy and Kate now work for the money-scrabble tech-mogul, Daniel clamp in his colossal clamp tower high-rise. The new batch is once again navigated by Joe Dante who is most interested in taking that route. 

Starship Troopers:

In this film, we see that high school kids are motivated to become citizens by joining the military. They have no idea about a full-scale war against a planet of alien insects and they will soon be involved in the war. Beyond that, you have also got some tricksy effects of the giant alien insects that can fuse, slash and suck brains.  


In this movie, unfortunately, shuttles expire in outer space, NASA becomes wise of a doomsday galaxy. The galaxy is on a smash-up course with the earth. It seems that the only way to knock it off and detonate nuclear weapons. Then the social order begins to go wrong as the information reaches the public. 


Directed by Robert Zemeckis, this movie mediates humanity’s search for space life. It is just a contact by humans to know more about extraterrestrial life. It is a fascinating and beautiful film with cutting-edge visual effects.

Men In Black:

This space movie is based on a comic book. In the film, there is an exclusive influencer code named MiB. The agency of some kind of strange observation corporation. Later, one of the agency’s men only went by the name “K”. He has picked out James Edward of the N.Y.P.D. After that, one day a flying boat crashes into the Earth, this is a part of the Bug race. Actually, this is an alien. He takes the body of a farmer and conducts it to New York. However, he searched for “The Galaxy”, the superpower source.  

So, this was my small list. Do visit for more information. The titles on this list are some of the great in the category. So, set your reverb to entertain and enjoy. 


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