Expressing Gratitude: 12 Thoughtful Ways to Say Thank You


When someone does something kind they deserve to be thanked. Big or small, acts of kindness make everyone’s day sweeter. Expressing Gratitude doesn’t take a lot to express gratitude and doing so connects people more, making their bond deeper. Expressing gratitude is beneficial for the giver and the receiver, reminding us that helping each other is uniquely human.

  1. Send a Handwritten Note. There’s nothing quite like a handwritten note. When everyone has gotten used to emails and texts, a notecard expressing your thanks in your handwriting feels deeply personal. Be straightforward and also appreciative in your note, saying “Thank you for (their kindess), I appreciate it so much because (it helped me)…” Knowing that their gesture moved you will warm their heart.

  2. Give them a Handmade Gift. Are you a crafter?Expressing Gratitude Maybe you make jewelry or birdhouses. Perhaps you take price in your chocolate chip banana bread, when it’s made by your own hands, the return gift of kindness holds special meaning and will be especially treasured.

  3. Send them a Visa Gift Card. You can’t go wrong with a thank you gift that lets them buy whatever they please! Plus, you’ll be able to personalize the Visa Gift Expressing Gratitude Card with a custom picture and text on the front. Super secure, they can track their balance online and use the card at one of many thousands of retailers.

  4. Get them Tickets. What’s going on in their location? Maybe there is a sporting event, concert or festival taking place sometime soon. Get them two tickets to an event you know they would enjoy so you can go with them or they can choose someone else to take along. There’s nothing quite like the gift of a fun experience!

  5. Make a Gift Basket. Everyone loves a basket that is filled with their favorite things. If you’re going the DIY route, remember that dollar stores sell baskets, shredded color paper (for the bottom) and a variety of other goodies to stuff inside the basket. Scented lotion, candles, kitchen gadgets, mugs, napkins, and holiday décor.

  6. Give them a Social Media Shout Out. Social media is a megaphone for the masses. If you want the whole world (your friends and family) to know about the good deed you were given, give that person a lovely shout out dedicated to their kindness. The likes, loves, and comments are sure to warm their heart even more.

  7. Drop off a Flower Basket. If weather permits, gather up a bouquet of wildflowers and arrange them thoughtfully in a long wicker basket. If you don’t have easy (or affordable) access to fresh flowers, artificial flowers will do! Don’t forget to include your thank you note. The basket is sure to get center stage as a gorgeous décor item.

  8. Grab a Picture. People give gifts and services of themselves because they are kind and want to see the receiver happy. Have someone take a picture of you receiving their kindness and then send that picture to them with a Thank You message. They will adore seeing the smile on your face knowing their generosity brought you a little extra happiness.

  9. Pay it Forward. When we give of our own time it makes the world a nicer place. When someone gives you a kindness from their heart, pay it forward by volunteering, making a donation or simply paying for someone’s coffee behind you in line. Who knows? They might be so touched they pay it forward, as well!

  10. Offer Your Ear. One of the best ways we can be there for someone is to offer an ear and be a friend. Know the difference between hearing and listening. Hearing doesn’t intrude on the other person’s thoughts, while listening takes in what they are saying and only offers advice when asked.

  11. Give them a Hug. Did you know that a hug can change your day? Humans need the love and gentle touch of others, and hugs have amazing healing powers. They decrease cortisol levels and release oxytocin which calms the central nervous system. Never underestimate the quiet yet profound power of a simple hug.

  12. Cook them Dinner. Breaking bread together is one of the oldest forms of human connection. In some countries, it’s seen as disrespectful if you don’t join in meals. Cook your benefactor a delicious meal to thank them for their kindness. It will give you time together and the opportunity to show your genuine gratitude.

Saying thank you is something that’s often done without much regard. If someone has made a true impact on your life, return the favor to them with one of these special tips.


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