Export Exchange Mailbox to PST – Quick Guide by Experts


As an Exchange administrator, you must have been caught in a situation where there is a need to shift hundreds of mailboxes from an Exchange on-premises environment to another. There is a rise in the shift towards MS Outlook from Exchange due to flexibility in work, which requires less investment. Outlook offers much more user-friendly functionality, making us an ideal email client. One method to export Exchange mailboxes is running PowerShell scripts, and the other way is using professional software.

If you are looking for a reliable technique to export Exchange mailbox to PST, then you can read the complete article to get a better understanding about the solution.

Reliable Solution to Export Mailboxes into Outlook PST

Shoviv Exchange Recovery Manager is the professional tool to handle the Exchange mailbox migration. When we mainly talk about the reliable and secure method to export Exchange Mailbox to PST, it is one of the best utilities. This tool has the latest advanced functionality, which would take less time and require no additional technical knowledge. Moreover, you can check the following word-class features of the tool:

Advance Incremental Export Functionality:  

For every export process, whether it’s an Exchange mailbox or any other data file, the chances of the process interruption exist. But this tool offers such facility known as an incremental option that makes every process resume from the interruption point. It also makes sure to eliminate the data files duplicity.

Capable of Exporting Multiple Exchange Mailboxes

This utility is capable of supporting large size Exchange mailboxes irrespective of their size. Generally, another tool might face problems while adding them, but it does not change the export result. This is possible due to its advanced inbuilt algorithm.

Simple User-Interface

Working with this tool is a lot easier due to its unique & simple user interface. If you are a novice person who doesn’t possess much technical knowledge & skill, you don’t need to worry about using this software. Anyone can use it efficiently as all its functionality is placed appropriately.

Fast Fetching & Filtering Speed

No matter how many Exchange files you need to add to the software, it does not take more time to load them due to its advanced capabilities. It saves users time while making the process to export Exchange mailbox to PST.

Filter & Search Facility

Exchange Recovery Manager’s comes with the advanced search and filter option functionality. These options are helpful while exporting Exchange mailboxes. If we particular look into its search feature, it allows us to locate a data file item through some criteria like CC, To, Item type, etc. On the other hand, the filter option can include and exclude a selected mailbox item based on the date range. The software also makes it possible to filter the messages according to the message class.

Software Compatibility and Other Benefits

The software supports all Exchange Server versions and works on any Windows operating system. It is available with the free demo version, which gives you clarity about its working efficiency.

The Bottom Line!

Several reasons insist users look towards using the Outlook from Exchange. Different users have their thought processes to export Exchange mailbox to PST, but looking for a solution that offers safety and speed is a need of an hour. So, we have talked about the reliable export method in this blog. You can test it through the demo version and make the final decision.


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