Don’t Skip on Office Scheduling Software to Save Money


There are better priced alternatives to the big names. Scheduling software is vital, don’t go without it. 

There is so much great software out there for helping run businesses these days. So much in fact that it’s hard to figure out which programs are indispensable? There’s a few that are obvious. If you deal in monetary transactions of any kind, you need reliable Point of Sale (POS) software. If your business is strictly online, you need great Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. After those basic systems that both fund and maintain business functions, it becomes a little less clear about what systems you need to put out hard earned money for. 

Some small businesses especially will have to make some tough choices about expenditures on software. Do they really need marketing or communication software? If the business is small enough, oftentimes a single email address is plenty, and they might have a great following already. One type of software system that a business might skip is appointment scheduling software. The highest end names in this sector get a lot of negative feedback because of their pricing. Businesses with tight bottom lines might forgo this vital software to save money. Thankfully, there are better priced Calendly alternatives out there, so you don’t have to go without this crucial software system. 

Scheduling software might be seen as a luxury for some but, for certain businesses it is a must have software system. Businesses as diverse as hair salons to doctor’s offices rely on their schedules every day. These are obvious examples, but appointment scheduling software is beneficial for everyone from CEOs to hairdressers renting a chair in a local salon. There are several software options that might be cut to make a budget. Here are a few reasons why scheduling software shouldn’t be one of them.

  • Keeping your appointments straight is good business. All appointments should be seen as important if you are running a business. Even if you don’t stand to make money in a specific meeting, good businesspeople are on time to every appointment. Scheduling software keeps all your appointments in one place. This is vital for salons, pet groomers, and doctors alike. Your customers and associates will be satisfied and impressed with your good practices. New customers are more likely to become repeat customers if they feel like you value their business. Businesses to business partners are more likely to view you as a reliable peer if you don’t flake on them. Keeping your schedule straight is important.
  • No shows and double bookings cost money and reputation. The best booking software will help you eliminate double bookings and cut down on customer no shows. Even the most expensive software packages pay for themselves by minimizing both obstacles. No-shows can bring your workday to a screeching halt. Calendly alternatives on the market often cost less and will optimize your time by being able to pivot if there is a no show. Office software systems eliminate scheduling mistakes that make you look bad. Make more money and save your street cred with scheduling software.
  • Less back and forth. Optimize your time by being more efficient. Appointment scheduling software eliminates the need for returning phone calls and spending time in email chains. This is another one of the functionalities of these software systems that pay for themselves anyone in business at any level knows, time is money. Having your customers and partners directly book appointments with you saves everyone time. Then you can spend more time addressing other needs of your business and your clients will love your company for being so accessible.
  • Your appointment scheduler can process payments. The best scheduling software systems, including the Calendly alternatives, will have the option to take payment. Just because of this, you must get scheduling software for your business. Especially if you’re running a small business or are an entrepreneur, you have to optimize every avenue for income. Having a system that helps you take payment in advance is smart. Having a system that can hold your clients accountable for no-shows is genius. People are more likely to show up to an appointment that they have paid for, and they may think twice about canceling if the business has their payment information and charges for no-shows.
  • Multiple schedules in one convenient place. Not only does scheduling software make your interactions with customers better, but it can also keep your appointments straight with partners. The best scheduling software will also have features to build schedules in house. Your employees and managers will love having seamless access to their schedules. You will love having an overall view of your employees and managers’ performance. Finally, you can sync your personal calendar up to your business calendars so all your schedules can be on one platform. This is invaluable for anyone who is running a business.


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