Discover How to Maintain and Shine the Coating of Your Floor


Lino, tile, or imitation parquet floors bring a pleasant touch to our interiors. This type of coating, in addition to being easy to install, is also very easy to clean, if you follow certain rules. Find out how to perfectly maintain your linoleum with these tips.

Clean Dirty or Stained Lino Naturally

Lino is a very easy-to-clean coating, but to keep it shiny and not get dirty, it is recommended to maintain it regularly.

If your linoleum is stained or looks grimy, it’s time for a deep clean. You don’t need chemicals for this.

1. Cleaning with soapy water

For the first method, you will simply need soapy water. Put some dishwashing liquid or Marseille soap in hot water and wipe the surface with a mop. Make sure it doesn’t get too soaked.

2. Degrease with black soap

Black soap can help you degrease and clean dirty lino. Mix a little black soap with hot water, soak your mop and wring it out before putting it on the floor. Rinse with a mop dampened with clear water.

3. Soda crystals to unclog

The last tip is to use soda crystals to unclog stains and remove grime from too much wax. To do this, pour a cup of soda crystals into a basin of hot water, about 1 liter. Dip and wring your mop, then run it over the linoleum floor.
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You can also use a microfiber mop. Finish by rinsing with clear water.

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Which device to use to obtain an impeccable lino?

For daily maintenance, you can use a microfiber broom to capture all the dust or vacuum your floor several times a week. You can also make your housework easier by using mechanical or electric brooms.

If you want to save time in the maintenance of your home, and more specifically your floor, the steam cleaners will make your job easier. These multi-function devices will allow you to clean any room in the house in the blink of an eye. The steam cleaner propels water vapor in a powerful jet that unclogs all types of stains. Then, it sucks up water and dirt immediately afterward, leaving your floor clean and dry very quickly. Moreover, it removes99.9% of bacteria for deep cleaning. You will get much more visible results than with a classic mop. This device also has the advantage of saving you money, as it requires nothing more than water.

Use turpentine to protect your siding

To get a shiny floor and protect it from stains, it is advisable to use turpentine. You can also use it to clean other types of surfaces or even textiles.
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To make your lino shine, spread the product on your covering using a soft cloth or a microfiber mop.

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